Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Rules

This post started out as something really great in my head, but somewhere between the driveway where I was thinking about it and the computer, I lost the story.  So, it is now just random thoughts. I apologize for my lack of writing skills today...

On the way home from the grocery store today, I happened to look over into the retention basin at the entrance to our neighborhood. Sitting in the grass was a basket ball.  I assumed it belonged to someone in one of the nearby houses, but I wondered how long it would sit there before someone walked or drove by and stopped to pick it up.

It was a pretty nice basketball.

I have always been someone who subscribes to the thought that if something isn't mine, I don't mess with it.  The "finders, keepers" philosophy has never been something I could wrap my head around. I empathized with the "losers, weepers" team.  It sucks to lose something, and wouldn't it be nice if the other side of that rhyme was "finders, givers back?"

What am I talking about??

Anyway, it made me think about how, when I was in high school, my dad bought a basketball goal for the driveway.

I don't play sports. I am an only child.


So, I didn't really understand why he bought the basket ball goal.  I don't remember ever asking for one. But, I guess it was kind of a cool thing to have. My friends and I wasted a lot of time shooting hoops.  It kept us outside a lot, so maybe that was the motivation.

Heck, for all I know, he was trying to find a way to attract some boys to me or something.

I never dated in high school. At least not until senior year.

He actually dug a hole on the side of the driveway and secured the goal post in the ground with concrete.  I bet it's still there. That sucker wasn't going anywhere.

But the most important rule for the basketball goal was that the ball had to be put away when we were done.  I wouldn't even dream of leaving it out in the yard or sitting in the drive way.  It had to go on the rack in the garage.

I had always been taught to leave things the way I found them.  If I walked into a room and the light was off, I made sure to turn the light off when I left. If the door was closed when I got there, it was closed on my way out. It seemed like common sense, really.  It is probably also the reason I find myself straightening shelves in the supermarket...

Anyway, there is a house next to the retention basin that has a basketball goal in the back yard. I suppose the ball belongs to them. May parents would have had a fit if I had left the ball outside of the yard like that.


D :)

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