Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stuff Like That There

It's been a busy couple of weeks here again. Last Friday we took the boys to Kiddo's school Fall Festival.  They got to dress up in costumes and play games and ride rides.  Kiddo had a blast. I think Port didn't care for it much. He wasn't fussy, just not really amused. There wasn't a lot for him to do (that I felt comfortable with) except watch his brother run off and play with bigger kids.  

Kiddo however, jumped in the bouncy house (and now daily asks for us to get one for the back yard!) played put-put, bean bag toss, did some weird bumper tube thing and got in the larger-than-life Hamster ball. Have you seen these things??? Crazy!
 Yes, that is Hubby in the hamster ball above. Kiddo is in the one below. He didn't quite grasp how to make it roll...

The boys got to try cotton candy for the first time (a total hit of course). Somewhere around 7:45 we were standing in line for balloon animals and Port told me he wanted to go to bed! Poor guy, he was pooped.  He's never asked for bed before, and this time he was serious.  He wanted to go home, put on "jammas" and "have bed."  I felt pretty guilty for keeping him out so late - both kids' attitudes were pretty volatile the last half hour we were there.  Thankfully though the balloon swords made everything fun again and we made it home without a melt down.

On Sunday Kiddo lost his second tooth.  He was eating pizza for lunch and a few minutes after he had finished eating he came running up to me and said something was wrong.  He said his mouth felt funny. I looked in and sure enough, the tooth was gone. The look of horror on his face was hilarious and he grasped his throat with both hands and gasp as he said "I swallowed it!?!?!" I asked him if he had felt anything crunchy in the pizza and he said no.  He had been drinking something too so I went over to the table to look in his cup just to make sure it hadn't fallen out in there and that was when I spotted something sitting on the table. Right in the middle of everything was his sad little baby tooth! Somehow it fell out of his mouth and landed on the table and he didn't even realize it. I picked it up and held it out to him in my palm. He took one look and exclaimed,

"WHAT tha??"

Yeah, that got a laugh too. Hey, I'm just glad I didn't have to decide whether or not to dig through poo to find it. Shew! Dodged a bullet there!

Monday Kiddo came home and announced that he was chosen as Wildcat of the Week at his school.  They bestow the honor on kids who have displayed good behavior and respect. They get a special poster hung on the wall with pictures and fun facts about themselves, their name is said over the intercom and the parents are invited to come have lunch with them on Friday.  Kiddo was so excited.  He can't wait for our lunch. I am so proud of him!

Friday is also picture day. Joy. Of course, I am a tad annoyed at the whole school picture package thing. I know I can take better pictures of him if I need to (like to give to the grandparents and such), but I do want a school picture as well, just to have. All I want is one 8x10, but noooooooooo! You have to buy a package. It looks like the cheapest I can get away with and still get an 8x10 is about $26.00. Sheesh!

Money, money, money, money, money. It is always something. And I don't mind paying $25 bucks for a nice 8x10, but we all know the picture will be crap. lol

Well I should get back to editing and preparing my quarterly taxes. Joy.

D :)

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The Mom said...

I bought the smallest kinder package last year and won't do it again!! MY pictures are better and that isn't even my profession. They didn't even have the sense to center one shouldered child. If I need to look at it I'll see it in the yearbook from now on! Just my 2 cents on the sordid subject!!! :-) Fun newsy post Dawn. I feel like I get to see you all the time based on all I know of you! ha jn

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