Monday, September 25, 2006

My Husband the Genius

I love my Hubby. He is my best friend, a wonderful provider, and a great father. He is also, like any good husband, knows how to push my buttons! :) He never was much of a "kid person", always very awkward, and has had a hard time developing a relationship with our son. Never mind the fact that Kiddo is a total momma's boy (totally my fault, I know), they just have a hard time getting along. Kiddo likes to play quietly and do extremely repetitive, boring, mind numbing things (like read the same page of a book 400 times and then back up 3 pages and read that one 372 times- but you can't just read the page, you have to let him prompt you with key words from EACH LINE first! ack!) and Hubby is a very active, rough and tumble, wrestley (is that even a word?) kind of guy. His ADD and somewhat distracted personality don't lend itself to the simplicity of running a car back and forth on the table 2000 times. SOOOO, they have had few brief moments so far where they have really bonded over something.

One such moment came this weekend, when we were enjoying a rare Sunday afternoon lunch out. At our favorite restaurant we sat, thankfully on the patio, and enjoyed some chips and queso with our meal. Kiddo, of course, is all about the cheese, and was doing his usual of dipping the chip, sucking off the cheese and dipping the soggy chip back into the dip (this is precisely why we get him his own plate!). In the process he managed a beautiful cheese mustache and beard and Hubby leaned over and very playfully called him "Cheese Face". For some reason, Kiddo thought this was hilarious, and in his current mocking bird fashion began saying "cheese face, cheese face!". Well, I'm sure you can guess that they went back and forth for some time calling each other Cheese Face, evoking giggles from fellow diners, and got increasingly louder. It was really cute! In an effort to keep Kiddo from yelling, we finished our meal quickly and headed home. Later that afternoon, while I was getting in some much needed alone time at the mall, Hubby and Kiddo were home and they were sitting on the couch while Kiddo drank a sippy of milk. Hubby told me that Kiddo suddenly began to giggle while he was drinking and then took the sippy out of his mouth, looked at Hubby and said "Cheese Face!". Oh my, I am so sad I missed witnessing that first hand - too cute.

Well, now "cheese face" is apparently the catch phrase of the week. Every time I don't focus on Kiddo like I should he will get up in my face and say it - with the cutest grin and giggle. Ugh, how can you not just want to eat him up?!?! :)


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