Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunburn Itches and Strange Dreams

Ok, so I just have to say that sunburn itches are the WORST! ;) Now on to the dream I had last night...

I dreamt that I was walking somewhere with a friend from high school, we'll call her C, and she was excitedly telling me how she was finally getting to live her dream. She and some guy were moving to New York together to go to school. She was so excited; telling me how she planned it all out - they were going to stay in a hotel for a while until they found an apartment or house to rent (HA!) and that she had saved up a whopping $40 to cover expenses until she found a job. I was trying to politely tell her that $40 wasn't going to even cover her coffee and she said well, I had about $250 but ended up spending it. Ok, so it's a dream; it's weird, bear with me here; it gets worse. So as we're walking along I look down and it appears I am VERY pregnant - like 9 months or so. So in the dream we are older, but everyone still looks like they did in high school. We are passing people on the street that are from our high school, saying "hi" as we walk by. And I am thinking about when I am going to have the baby; that it should be soon and maybe I should stop at the doctor's office on the way for a check. We walk through the lobby and bar part of a hotel and I am telling her how much I want a beer (um, if you know me at all you know how strange that is!). How I can just taste the salty goodness and look, we know the bartender! Another high school alum, S, shouts back to the bar crew, "we're going to need some more pregnancy beer up here!" As tempting as the beverage was, we kept walking. I some how lose C and head to my doctor's office (on a bicycle riding for several blocks) for a check. When I walk in, suddenly the belly is gone! I ask the doc how close I am to delivering and he says it's hard to say. "Why because my stomach is flat?" I reply. He looks me square in the eye and says, "So how open are you to having multiples?" HUH?!?! I murmured something in reply to the effect of "pretty open I guess..." and he says that may be why my stomach went flat, that I was most likely having twins. Ok, so this defies all logic I know, but again, it's a DREAM. So I am stunned and I leave the office.

Around this time Kiddo wakes me up, so I go into his room and put him back to bed. 30 minutes or so later I crawl back into my own bed, only to resume the same dream. Isn't it strange the mind does that? Anyway, now that I am typing all of this out, I seem to have forgotten the second half of my dream, but I do remember it had something to do with being pregnant and, like the one before, was very vivid and felt very real.

I should say that though I am one to dream a lot - my dreams are not normally this detailed and real feeling. The only other time I dreamt like that was when I was actually pregnant with Kiddo. hmmmmm.....

surely not...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Um, no, you'd better take a nap and give the 'multiples' back...

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