Monday, September 18, 2006

Welcome to Fry Moments!

Ok, well apparently I need a more regular writing outlet, and something to keep family up to date with the goings on in the life. So, I decided to start this. Hopefully I can keep it up and submit something pretty regularly.

Hubby, kiddo, dog and I went to the coast last week - it was kiddo's first time to see the OCEAN!! Every time we even came near it he was screaming with delight - and let me just say, letting him out of the car the first time at the beach was one of the most delightful and scary things I've ever experienced. My darling little boy, all of 2 years old (barely), jumped out of the car and ran, quicker than I have ever seen a child run, straight in to the water, well before either hubby nor I could even turn around and go after him. Now mind you, this child HATES baths - God forbid you even get a drop of water on his face - but he will run screaming in to the ocean without an ounce of fear in his little body. I have never seen so much glee and joy in him before. He ran and squealed and dove and jumped and just about gave me a heart attack! He completely wore us out.

The dog really enjoyed things too, but alas the salt water she insisted on drinking gave her an awful tummy ache. Her eyes got pretty scratched up from the sand as well and she had a hard time opening them for a couple of days after. Our poor puppy. Anyway, we cut the trip short by a day because the heat and humidity was just too much to deal with in our little stuffy tent at the camp site. The outrageous sunburn I acquired because I had no time to get sunscreen on before I had to chase Jr. into the ocean also put a slight damper on things. Next time though, we shall be more prepared. And there most definitely be a next time!:)

Pictures will come later friends. Keep watching!

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