Friday, September 22, 2006

PMS Cake

Ok, so I just finished up the last piece of my yummy, scrumptious, chocolatey PMS cake. It actually lasted almost a whole week! I am being a bad mommy and didn't tell my youngin' that I was partaking in one of his favorite treats. Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him and after my emotional roller coaster of a day I needed to have it all to myself. Now I will suffer the consequences of my indulgence in gained weight and other chocolate allergy related offenses. (I won't share, it's not pretty) Anyway, I have several things I want to talk about, but maybe I should break it down into several posts. Otherwise, it will be far too confusing.

I will avoid the emotional stuff today, as I fear I am still too close to it and if I jump in on here I may end up crying in front of my family. Not something I really want to do.

Soooo, I took Kiddo to the park the other day. I am a member of far too many "mom groups" and in order to maintain my membership status I have to attend at least one function per month, per group. So we go to this park for a meet up and I am swinging Kiddo on the swing. Mind you now, I am NOT a social person, neither is Hubby, so it is very difficult for me to even go to these things- much less strike up conversation with someone. Because of our loner tendencies, Kiddo is not used to being in social situations...So we are swinging, and Kiddo is right next to another kiddo that looks to be about his age, maybe a bit younger (but it's hard to tell 'cause my kid has always been big for his age) and they are chattering away in a baby language that only they can understand - gleefully giggling and making each other laugh. The other mom seems annoyed by this lower form of communication and proceeds to engage her child in a round of counting. Ok, I'm thinking, Kiddo can count to 10 - so he probably will be able to hang ok with this challenge. We don't really "work" with him on things - I am not a flash card kind of mom, but he has picked up some numbers and letters and colors in our day to day conversation; and when he was smaller we would count to calm him down. So I am not worried. yeeeeah.

So she starts, of course, with 1 and the boys take it from there - all the way to 10 with perfection, laughing in between each number. Then, the other little guy (I shall call him Mr. Brilliant) goes on to 11! I am impressed - maybe he is the same age, if not older; I mean, his mom is a little thing, so maybe he is just a peanut...and I listen on, completely impressed by 12, 13, 14, and then he pauses. MY KIDDO yells out "FIFTEEN"!!! I am in shock! Lucky guess is all I can think and Mr. Brilliant next to us continues on to 20 without a stumble. So I am thrilled, secretly patting myself on the back for a job well done (haha!) and really impressed by this other kid. Then the mom really punched me in the gut. She says to Mr. Brilliant, "ok, how about this time in Spanish?". I'm thinking yah, right. Well, we have told Kiddo the numbers in Spanish but he has never repeated them. So I figure if Mr. Brilliant says them maybe Kiddo will chime in too.... but NO! Get this, Mr. Brilliant says "no Mommy, in French".

Ok, I had to wipe the dirt off my chin when I picked it up off the ground. And then clench my teeth while he counted to 10 (almost perfectly and with very little prompting) in FRENCH. Stinker. Then he counted in Spanish and I could just feel the Gloat radiating off of Mr. Brilliant's mom. All the while my little Einstein is yelling over and over "FIFTEEN, FIFTEEN, FIFTEEN!!" and laughing hysterically. ;) Eventually, Mr. Brilliant chimed in on the hilarity and they both yelled "fifteen" until it became nothing; just some garbled, remnant of a word that no matter how pronounced evoked a fit of laughter. After some failed attempts at getting Mr. Brilliant back to earth from Silly Land, she removed him from the swing and our realm of childhood UN-intelligence.

I really thought I was on top of things and educating him to his abilities, but now I guess I have some work to do.

Until later...
D :)

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