Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Even though he has been a stinker lately, he is a cute stinker!

Mr. Cool Breeze with his pumpkin and shades.

And sweet smiles for Mommy (I bribed him with ice cream. lol!)

Yesterday he was being cute and I said "You are a stinker!"

He replies "No Mommy, I not stinker! I'm a BOY!" ;)


D :)


A's Momma said...

I had to laugh at that. A says the same thing when we call her a nickname. She'll say, "No, I'm a little girl!" (sounds like gull though and that makes it even cuter!)

TitanKT said...

You're absolutely right, he is cute! I'll take your word for the stinker part. He just looks fragrantly cute to me. But I do believe you because I also have a cute little boy who, despite nearly overwhelming cuteness, is also frequently a stinker. *grin*

jenny said...

cute pictures! lovin' the shades!

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