Monday, October 29, 2007

Where You Are

We're back!

How a 3 day trip turned into 5 days away, I have no idea! Well, actually I do - the darn car. *sigh* Thankfully though now it should be fixed and I have officially been banished from the car dealer in Pasadena; ordered never to return again. Thank. Goodness.

Now I am on task for a rigorous couple of days of deprogramming the Kiddo. It seems he has come back a bit *cough* spoiled from staying with Grammy and Happy for so long. Though, I cannot place blame entirely on them as I tend to be a bit more lenient when we stay with them. Poor Kiddo didn't know what hit him this morning when the TV was turned off and his request for candy at 9:00 am was shot down. Poor, poor guy.

Fortunately, the weather here is absolutely FABULOUS and Kiddo has been gleefully playing out in the back yard for hours today. Nary a mosquito has pricked his skin. Hallelujah! (and actually, I just realized he is out there right now in nothing but his underwear! Boys.....what are you going to do with them?)

Sunday was a fun day for us. Well, sort of. We ended up missing church because Kiddo has had some potty issues. They started when we were at G&H's house, and what I thought was a clever stalling tactic is actually a grand ole case of constipation for my sweet baby. His body is telling him he needs to go, but he can't; and so he is sitting on the potty for HOURS trying to complete his task. It is agony for all involved; trust me. So, I have upped the apple product intake and supplemented with small doses of Benefiber and lots of natural fiber in hopes of getting things moving. So far, not so much is happening... I am waiting for an explosion..... EEWWWWW!

Anyway, back to Sunday. We missed church, and while Kiddo sat on the potty for over an hour we got things together to go to a friend's kid's birthday party. Her twins turned three, and we barely managed to make it there before things wound down. Thankfully they had a fabulous bouncy house for the kids to play in and Kiddo was in heaven! I'll have some pictures later. Promise!

After the party, we headed off and ran an errand or two, and then took a detour over to a nearby park. It has this cool little pavilion with lots of shade and beautiful stone walls. I have been asking Hubby to take some maternity progress pictures of me for weeks, and we just haven't been able to get our acts together. BUT, with the arrival of a couple of new toys for my camera (an 18-125mm zoom lens and a speed light), Hubby was suddenly more than willing to play with, um, er, use my camera to take a few shots at the park. I managed some great shots of him and Kiddo as well, and as soon as I get them edited I'll post them.

Meanwhile, here is my "bump" in all it's 17 week glory!

Looks like the belly finally caught up with the b- ... um, other curves....


D :)

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