Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Over The Rainbow

Hey Julia! You might appreciate this...

I just have to say I totally scored today at the local HEB. When I did my weekly shopping there last Monday, at the checkout I received a couple of coupons. HEB is notorious for this, and 99% of the time the coupons are for things I would never even think of buying, so I just shove them in my purse with the receipt and forget about them. Anyway, I was cleaning out my purse and looked at the coupons, and one was for $7.00 off a Jumbo pack of their diapers!

Now here at the the house of Fry, we mainly cloth diaper, and Kiddo is potty trained now, but when he was in diapers we used sposies for going out and trips and whatnot. The HEB brand of diapers were my favorite by far for the $$, and pretty much what we always used.

So I am thinking this coupon is for their largest box of diapers, which usually runs around $15.00. Half off isn't bad in my book so I decided to go pick up a pack and begin my stash for the new little one. I got to the store and realized that the "Jumbo" pack is actually one of the smaller packs. The price of the pack was $6.97!!! WOO HOO! Free diapers!!

So here's the cool part - when I checked out, the computer gave me another coupon for $6.00 off a Mega pack, which runs about $10.00. So the next pack I buy will only cost me $4!!! So, if you are in the area and you need diapers, do some shopping at HEB!

My stock pile is beginning. You have no idea how exciting this is.

I know, I have no life.

D ;)

1 comment:

Julia said...

That's so awesome! I'm telling you, this whole bargain shopping/couponing bit is addictive. :) The part that makes me sad is that I've only just figured this out within the last two months, and I can't believe how much $ I've thrown away in the past.

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