Friday, October 05, 2007

Music Therapy

I had a cranky day yesterday. There really wasn't anything particularly wrong, I was just in a foul mood. Sometimes the heartaches of the world and the people around me pile up all at once and I can't take it. And of course there are the hormones. And the fact that my pants don't fit. And that there was no cream cheese in the house...

But anyway, after a long cranky day I tried a couple of things to cheer myself up. I posted on bbc and as usual, the girls came out in full force to support me and lift me up. I so appreciate those wonderful ladies. Sometimes I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them to lean on. Their words helped tremendously, but I still couldn't quite shake the funk so I planned an outing for the Kiddo and I. We had stayed home all the day before, and I knew the sunshine and fresh air would be good for both of us.

Because it was late in the day, and I didn't have any money to spend, and heavens to Betsy there was no cream cheese in the house (NO CREAM CHEESE!) I decided to go to the grocery store. I know that doesn't sound like much fun, but I chose the BIG store, the newest thing in mega grocery to hit this side of Austin. I don't typically go there for my regular shopping even though it is closer than it's smaller counterpart, mainly because it takes about an hour to get all the way through and it is just too much for my little preggo mommy pea brain to digest. But, yesterday I needed an excuse to meander, an excuse to ponder 500 different types of all natural lotion, and an excuse to walk around looking glassy eyed at everything and yet nothing. Also, the BIG store has a wonderful feature; balloons with suckers at the FRONT door. Oh yes my friends, "Kiddo Occupodo" from the get go!

So with Kiddo happily sucking the hide off of a dime store lollipop, I meandered and wandered, wiggled and jiggled my way through the store for a good hour. It was nice; the hum of the freezer section and the buzzing of other mommies and kiddos racing down the isles - and even better I wasn't trying to hear it over the sound of a whining toddler.

I know - life here is SO exciting!

After putting 3 essential things in my cart (hummus, wheat thins, and CREAM CHEESE) and covering almost every inch of the store we departed. Kiddo happily got back in the car and though both our spirits were lifted, I knew the outing wasn't yet complete. I decided to stop at Sonic. I haven't been there in a while, because for some reason this alien baby inside of me is making it absolutely repulsive for me to drink anything soda or carbonation related. I miss my beloved Dr. Peppers!! I want to want one. I really do. But I just can't drink them. *sigh*

BUT - I can so eat a yummy, grease laden order of mozzarella sticks! woo hoo! :)

We both felt better after the trip but about an hour or so after we got home things started to go downhill again. The whining, the arguing, the pig headedness!!! Oh yeah, Kiddo was cranky too. So I did what any good mommy should do, I turned on my mp3 player, crammed the earphones in as far as they would go and turned up the volume. Thankfully Kiddo was into an Elmo DVD and gave me just enough of a break to get a good sing going. Soon enough we were dancing and singing - Kiddo just about has my mp3 player songs memorized, just from listening to me sing in the car on a few long trips, and so he had a good time with it too.

I made the most yummy, scrumptious, fat free meal I could think of - fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fried okra, and sampled the remaining brownies from the pan I made the night before as I was cooking. Jewel sang with me and we made amazing harmonies together (1000 Miles Away).

I swayed with the soulful, calming tones from Mary Chapin Carpenter (Come On, Come On) and got teary eyed at Nichole Nordeman's revelations of God (Anyway). By the time Hubby got home I was feeling much better. We had a great dinner and I even managed to get Kiddo in the bath just in time for me to watch Grey's Anatomy.

The night went back downhill from there, but that is a post for another time.

There really is nothing like music. It heals me. It completes me. It reminds me who I really am.

D :)


Jill said...

Did you really get out of that store with 3 things in your cart??? Once I went in there for milk and got to the counter with 30 or so things, none of which were milk!

ImBlessed2x said...

No kidding! I went to go get dinner tonight.... DINNER! I left with a $247 receipt and an angry misled 5 year old!!

Anytime you and S are feeling cooped up, (ding) me and I'll meetcha a the park! We'd love it :)

Barb said...

I love it - your fat free meal sounds quite tasty! I am sorry you can't have your beloved Dr. Pepper.

You will have to remember that trick when its raining sometime!

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