Monday, October 08, 2007

Spivey Leeks

"Spivey Leeks was a drip of a man. He looked like a potato, shoved into jeans..."

Time for a baby update I suppose. I am officially in the second trimester (depending on which book you read it starts at either 13 or 14 weeks).

I have grown again. Last week I had a full day of aches and pains in the tummy area, and I kid you not, the very next day none of my pants fit and I was up 2 lbs. oy. I read in one of my books that most women only gain 2 pounds in the first trimester! For those keeping score, my weight has gone up a full 8 pounds now. *sigh* I don't fit in my size 8 jeans anymore - gonna have to find the 10s...

Yesterday I got a good hour of feeling the baby move. I was sitting on the couch after church and the little one was going crazy in there. It was so neat - the movements were rapid and fluttery; like holding a butterfly in your hand. I remember with the Kiddo I didn't feel him until after 18 weeks and it was more pokey and rumbly than this one. I am surprised I can feel it so early this time. It's been be-bopping around in there today too; such an awesome feeling.

I had never before in my life had heartburn until my last couple of weeks pregnant with Kiddo, and even then I can count on one hand how many times I suffered from it. This time, I have had heartburn all day, every day. My neighbor thinks I am carrying this baby high, so maybe that is the culprit. Whatever the case, Tums have become my best friend.

All day today I have had this nasty pain in my right side. It is up high, just below my ribs on the side. If I bend over too quickly or sit in one position for too long it starts to hurt. I guess it's about that time when everything starts stretching beyond normal capacity. Hopefully it's not something like my gallbladder. I'm thinking it's muscular, but who knows.

My heart has started racing a lot again. Normally I experience this at the very beginning and end of a pregnancy. I don't remember having it in the middle with Kiddo, but it's been hitting me off and on a lot today. I have been light headed as well. I'm going to ask my doctor about iron supplements - I think that might be a bit anemic.

We've been talking to Kiddo a lot about the baby. At first it was too funny; every time we mentioned there was a baby in Mommy's tummy he would laugh the silliest laugh! Then we would explain that the baby would get bigger and bigger and then eventually come out of Mommy's tummy and then we could take it home and he would laugh hysterically again. I guess he is getting used to it now, he doesn't laugh as much. But he is terribly intrigued by the whole thing. He will talk to the baby and rub or pat my tummy. He asks me to help him look for it and will raise up my shirt and ask me where it is. He talks about it a lot and he really loves seeing the pictures of all the different sized babies in my books. He knows that when the baby gets big enough it will "turn upside down and come out". It is hilarious!

I asked Kiddo if the baby in my tummy was a boy or a girl. He told me it was a girl.....and the baby in HIS tummy was a boy. Apparently Daddy is carrying a boy as well! Mercy, we've got a lot of babies comin'!!! I asked him if he was going to be a big brother and he told me no - he's the baby's uncle. um, ok. ;)

In the food department, I am loving anything savory, rich and fattening (not necessarily salty, but that's ok too). Sweets are ok, but not a craving - though I have made more than my fair share of brownies lately. Any kind of soda still tastes awful, but I crave Coke and Dr. Pepper. Go figure. With Kiddo, by this point I was in full on crave mode, and if it wasn't cheese, dairy, cheese, salt or more cheese I wouldn't have anything to do with it.

So I guess that's about it for now. I'll try to get some pictures taken and posted soon.

D :)


Julia said...

One of the nurses told me while I was in labor that heartburn means the baby's got hair. I had terrible heartburn, and lo & behold - Miss C came out with a full head of hair. Apparentally this is an old wives' tale. :)

Jill said...

I never had heartburn until I was pregnant. Both my girls caused it. Oh and neither had hair! :-) In fact at 2 & 4 now they are pretty light in the hair department for their age. Take care Dawn!

ImBlessed2x said...

heartburn galore and two little baldies here ;) I swear I should have taken stock in Tums. LUV me some Tums!
Hang in there girly!

TitanKT said...

Hey! I had that weird pain in my side, kinda high up on the right, just under my rib cage. Felt like a piece of glass stuck there scraping on my ribs. It alarmed me. I called the doctor.

Turned out I was constipated (another lovely side effect of being pregnant that no one really talks about... much like hemorroids.) I was a little chagrined that I'd actually called a doctor because I was constipated. The good news is, a couple of Senokot fixed me right up.

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