Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Dance Rodeo

Well here it is my friends, the last post of November, and the last post of NaBloPoMo 07. Thank you all for sticking it out with me through the long, the short and the ridiculous!

The one thing I remembered I forgot (or was it I forgot I remembered?) about NaBloPoMo, is that the pressure of having to post every day (whether I normally do or not) sucks all the creative juices right out of my tiny brain. So, I wholeheartedly apologize for boring you with my drivel and leaving you hanging on a few posts. I know I never finished telling my Dallas adventure story, but after that first post it didn't seem too interesting. And I also realize I still haven't shown you pictures of Kiddo's birthday or his first boat ride. *sigh* I just let it get away from me. And just like when you are in a good fight and are doing the silent stand off thing, the longer you let it go the harder it is to just speak already! So, since it's been 3 months since Kiddo's birthday, pulling up the pictures now seems kind of pointless. I'll probably do it anyway, because after all, this is serving as some documentation of his life. It would be weird to not have that day represented photographically.

Anyway, I have made some great new bloggy friends and have discovered some awesome new bloggy reads. I am so glad I participated!

I also discovered through this that I need to get back to being more real; more raw, more in the moment. Just the sheer number of comments left on my post the other day told me that. All of your words were so kind and so thoughtful. It made me realize that not only do you all read, but you care - and it is ok for me to be less than glossy here.

So my friends, now that November is behind us, we are plunging head first into Christmas and all it has to offer. I hope you stick with me through the triumphs and frustrations and the inevitable assortment of baked goods and funny stories. I look forward to reading about yours as well.

D :)

1 comment:

jenny cook said...

it was nice to find you through this nablopowhatever too. :)

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