Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And It Stoned Me

I really hate discipline days. You know, those days when everything upsets the child and nothing goes right. No matter what I do or say it doesn't make a difference and empty threats do absolutely no good. I have to be the parent. I have to be stern. I have to follow through. *sigh*

We took a trip to the mall so I could exchange a shirt and Kiddo did remarkably well. He sat (sort of) in the little umbrella stroller through all my looking and when we got into the dressing room I let him out of it. After I finished trying on some clothes, he followed me around the store while he pushed the empty stroller. He did so well, and I made sure to compliment him and tell him how good he was staying with me and being somewhat quiet (even though he just had to mimic every move another little boy in the store was making). We walked out of the store and Kiddo suddenly decided pushing the stroller was for losers and that Build-a-Bear was only a quick dash away from me. I put the kibosh on that action and promptly strapped him back in the stroller. Mommy don't play that game.

So, since there wasn't anything else I needed at the mall, we headed to the car. Kiddo started protesting and fussing a bit on the way. We got in the car all right and started to head home. Aside from the brief lapse in judgement at the end of our mall trip, he really had been good for me and so when he asked if we could go to another store, I figured a quick trip to Target would be ok.

He did great all through Target. After only cruising through the women's clothing and accessories departments, I was ready to go. I guess Kiddo had other plans because when I headed for the doors he began to try to direct me "this way". (his new favorite game) I told him we were done and we needed to go to the car and the wailing began. He did not want me to take him out of the cart and started yelling. Fellow Target shoppers turned and looked as my son screamed "No! Not Yet! This is DANGEROUS! YOU are DANGEROUS!!!"

Oh yes he did.

The walk to the car had him pushing away from me the way a child does with a stranger. For a moment I though someone might stop me from taking him. I got him in the car and he yelled at me pretty much all the way home. I finally had enough and told him that when we got home he was going into time out and we were not going swimming today. He wailed and cried, and then about 5 minutes before we returned home he basically forgot all about it.

So when we got home I was faced with the problem of follow through. He had forgotten. He was being his sweet self. I felt awful as I banished him to his room, even worse when I had to remind him we weren't getting in the pool. He cried the cry I rarely see, the one of truly hurt feelings and sadness. When it was over he approached me with a quiet, sad little voice and told me he was sorry. It took everything I had not to cry myself. I felt like I broke his heart.

But, he has been the perfect angel ever since. I just hate being the Mommy sometimes.

D :)


Jessica said...

Ugh, don't you hate that?? Follow through is a bitch...

Barb said...

Its so hard to be a mommy! I can't believe he hollered that you were dangerous...Oh my goodness!!

Julia said...

I know it wasn't funny to you at the moment, but yelling that you were dangerous...that's classic. :) Being a disciplinarian is the hardest part of being a parent. I hear you on that one!

Jen said...

What is with Target?!! I had a similar blog about my Target adventure as well! MAN! I know it sucks, but it sure makes for a good read =)

Misty said...

Dangerous!!!!!LOL.....sorry, but you gotta give him points for being smart on that one.

Just be proud of yourself that you did do the right thing. Its so hard to do especially when they quit like that. But he'll respect you for making clear boundaries in the long run. Now go make yourself a margarita. ;)

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