Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Here You Come Again

In Recent News

Last night I started having contractions. I had a couple around 6:00 and then a couple more around 8:00. I decided to go ahead and pack everything up just in case and after putting Kiddo to bed and taking a shower I finally dozed off sometime after midnight. I had lots of contractions throughout the night, though only a few were actually strong enough to wake me up. I did have some interesting dreams though! It's funny how the brain incorporates things like that into dreams.

From about 3:30 AM to about 7 AM the contractions were steady every 12 minutes, though not very strong. When I got up at 7:30 I realized that (TMI ALERT) I had lost a lot of plug and had bloody show. It kind of shocked me because I never had that with Kiddo - so I got pretty excited.

With Kiddo, once labor and contractions began, everything steadily advanced up to delivery.

This morning, after I got up, the contractions pretty much stopped. I was still having them every now and then, but nothing was regular. I was a bit worried though about my blood pressure because with every pump of my heart I could feel the blood surging through my veins. I decided to try to go in for my weekly appointment a bit early, but after fielding calls all morning and trying to get last minute stuff put together I only managed to leave 45 minutes early.

I dropped Kiddo off at my friend's house and headed in to the doctor. Upon arrival I was informed that he was running 45 minutes behind, and of course being 45 minutes early for my appointment I was looking at a long wait. I told the receptionist I was concerned about my blood pressure and asked her if I could just get someone to take a reading. The next thing I know they were taking me back, and I got a room right away. I didn't have to wait long and they checked my blood pressure, which was a bit elevated but not to dangerous levels. The doctor was in shortly after that and after hunting a bit to find the heartbeat he did the check.

No change.

As a matter of fact, I began to feel like a cow as the doctor practically shoved his entire arm up in me to find the baby's head and my cervix.

He told me that the head was down, but the body was still high and lying sort of cross ways. The contractions I had been experiencing had done nothing.

I really was shocked and so very disappointed, so I had to keep from crying as we discussed our options. He went ahead and scheduled an induction for next Wednesday, but I seriously doubt I'll go that long. Never say never, I know.

I asked him if he could sweep the membranes, and he said he was going to try but the position of the baby made it too difficult so that was out.

They hooked me up to the NST monitors and made me sit there for 30 minutes or so. The first 20 minutes the baby didn't move at all. I ate a cereal bar and after a few minutes he was squirming all over the place. Everything checked out just fine.

One the way home I stopped off for a gigantic cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake.

This afternoon I tried to nap a little, but Kiddo was having none of that. This evening I went shopping at Walmart and the grocery store.

Ever since the doctor's visit my contractions have been about 10x stronger than before. A few have really stopped me in my tracks. I am hoping it is the beginning of progress and that the baby will come tomorrow.

We shall see.

I am pretty bummed because I thought I could trust my body to perform similar to the last time, but man, this is totally different.

The night is catching up with me so I will close. I just wanted to update everyone.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

D :)


Jenni said...

Oh Boy! We'll be thinking of you often. Lots of positive thought and prayers your way!

Vick said...

Thinking of you and the little man, and sending tons of easy labor vibes your way :)

Julia said...

I totally know your frustrations. Sending you lots of labor dust for you and little Port. Hopefully he'll be here sooner rather than later.

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