Saturday, April 26, 2008


What a beautiful post. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing the link.

Started on Saturday, Finished on Monday:

So what can I say? I am at a loss with Kiddo right now. He is just, well, at a stage that is so very frustrating for both of us. He can communicate, but he still doesn't understand some things that really make it difficult to have conversations with him.

Prime example: today (Monday), well actually for the past few days he has been asking me for an Incredibles book for his LeapPad system. His way of asking is "Mommy can I play my Incredibles book for my LeapPad?" He doesn't have the Incredibles book, so I have to translate that into him asking me to purchase it for him. I told him we would have to look for it at the store, so now he is asking me over and over if we can go to WalMart - so we can look for his Incredibles book. *sigh*

Getting out anywhere these days usually takes me a day or two - so though I was planning on going to WalMart today, it just didn't happen. I decided to look online for the book, just to see if it was even in stores like WM or Target, and from what I can tell it is not. Kiddo caught me looking online and when I found the book on the LeapFrog website (on clearance) he got all excited. I also found it on Amazon, and decided it was such a good price that I should order it. So Kiddo was asking me why I was looking at it and I told him that I couldn't find it in the stores and that most likely we would have to order it on the computer.

That really didn't register with him, so I said if I ordered it on the computer it would come in the mail.

I should really learn to keep my mouth shut.

He ran into his room and put on his shoes. You know where this is going don't you?

"Mommy let's go check the mail and get my Incredibles book!" (all smiles and excitement)

Oh dear Lord. What have I done?

Now, try explaining to the 3 year old that you haven't actually ordered the book yet, and even if you did it would take a few days to come in the mail and then try not to lose your temper while listening to said 3 year old whine and fake cry and also pitifully real cry for the next couple of hours about a book that you are really regretting ever laying eyes on, and kicking yourself for ever mentioning the possibility of ordering it on line.

And part of you wants to go ahead and order it because you know this will be an ongoing thing for the next month and then the other part of you wants to never order it just out of spite.

Geeze I am a fabulous parent, aren't I?

Now he is stuck on Tuesday for some reason - I NEVER said it would be here Tuesday; where does he dream up this stuff???

So much for the silly post I wanted to make today.

D :)


TitanKT said...

This is a cute post... you're both very normal. I wish I could say this kind of thing gets over with, but it just morphs into something else. My son STILL has this nasty habit of asking me questions he already knows the answer to, knowing full well this drives me INSANE. I've just started calmly answering him with ridiculous answers.

For instance... Sunday I was giving myself a manicure (something I NEVER do) and had a little hand towel laid out, one that has been in our bathroom for most of the past year. He asked me, "Is that your towel?" I said, "No, I stole it from the neighbors." Two can play this game!!!!

Vick said...

Are we there yet?

How about now?

How about now?

Are we there yet?

I'm fairly certain that if someone were to offer alum, like in the old Bugs Bunny / Roadrunner cartoons, to parents of children between the ages of 33 months and, oh, 15-16 years old, they'd take it.

So, did you order the book? :)

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