Friday, April 25, 2008

Something To Talk About

It's Milestone Friday!

What, you didn't get the memo?

Well, let me tell you what's going on here today. Today, Port SMILED! Kiddo, Port and I were all sitting on my bed and I was holding Port up where he was facing Kiddo. We were talking about migrating to the front of the house and fixing lunch and my stomach growled. I asked Kiddo if he heard it and then I said "my tummy said ggrrraooowwwwwww!". Kiddo started to giggle hysterically and I looked down and Port was looking at Kiddo with this huge smile on his face!

Ok, I am a bit disappointed that his first smile wasn't directed at me, but oh well...

Also today....


I put him down on a play mat and he stared at this picture of a rabbit for the longest time. The next thing I knew, these sweet little coos started coming out of his mouth! He talked to that rabbit for 5 minutes! Kiddo and I just stared at him and giggled. It was adorable!

He is growing up so fast. I can't believe it.

In other news, we had a lovely sleepless night last night. Today hasn't been very nap filled either. I certainly hope he is saving it all up for tonight. Thank goodness it is Friday, because I have a suspicion that Hubby is going to get an early morning rib poking while he's handed a bottle of milk and told to get out of the room! I am a mess today.

I do believe Port is having a growth spurt. Suddenly I cannot keep up with the milk production.

And speaking of milk production...

Parents of mine and Hubby's - you may want to stop here. I am about to talk about my bOobIeS. I am so sorry for any embarrassment this may cause you. :)

What I have learned from pumping 6+ times a day:

  1. I hate pumping

  2. Boobies are a miraculous creation

  3. Boobies hate it when you attach machines to them and extract their contents (at least mine do)

  4. I have a new respect for moms that work outside the home and have to pump at work. I simply cannot imagine doing this anywhere other than my house

  5. Just when I think I simply cannot pump any more out in a session, all I have to do is mash on certain parts of my breast and I can get another half ounce out (at least). If I were actually breastfeeding, I never would have known this.

  6. Just when I think I simply cannot pump any more out in a session, all I have to do is pretend I am going to stop and suddenly they (the boobies) start producing again.

  7. Just when I think I am done, I realize it is time to pump again.

  8. Hooking up the pump has magical power - suddenly everyone else in the house needs something.

  9. Just when I think I am too sore to pump, I somehow manage to do it anyway.

  10. After all is said and done, I may have to consider buying myself a new pair (if you know what I mean. lol!). [sing with me now, swing low, sweet cha-ri-o-ot!]

I know there is more, but I just had to get that out. It is a love/hate relationship I have with my breasts right now. I love the fact that I am feeding my child 90% of his nourishment, but at the same time I hate the time, pain and inconvenience of it all. I was hoping it would get easier, but so far I am not seeing it. Maybe someone who has BTDT can enlighten and encourage me. Do you ever get used to it? Does it ever get easier? Do I need a different pump?

Sorry that last question was kind of out there. I ask it though, because the pump I have is kind of, well, ancient by pump standards and I am only able to pump one side at a time (it simply isn't strong enough to do both at the same time). I am thinking that things would go much smoother and much more quickly if I could pump both sides at once. Perhaps I should look into getting a hospital grade pump or something. It might be worth it for my sanity.

Anyway, that is it for today. Stay tuned for more milestones - I am sure that now that the ball is rolling, they will be coming far to quickly for my liking. ;)

D :)


TitanKT said...

Okay, SUPER adorable pictures and I love the story of Port talking to rabbit so much I could just hug the story. SO CUTE!!!!

Sorry about the boobies. And I haven't really BTDT but I'm throwing some encouragement your way anyway because if that's what you want and need then I want to give it! ****ENCOURAGEMENT**** There. Lots. Just be sure to rub it in good.

P.S. I'm blogging more now because I'm finally out from under the tyranny of mono fatigue. I can actually do more than just survive, it's novel! And, yes, my ear is fine, I think that was an allergy thing after all because it went away the very next day. Hallelujah!

Take care!

Vick said...

What a cutie pie!! I love the babbles and coos :) Miss O does a lot of haranguing at and to anyone or thing in eyeshot.

I hope tonight brings more sleep!

Jen said...

Oh yes, if you can swing a double pump, you will probably hang on longer...I pumped with a single and oh man, what a PAIN! I only pumped for 7 weeks, but I think had I purchased a double, I would have kept on longer. I feel your pain! With a double, your pumping sessions would be SO much quicker.

Jenni said...

I know someone mentioned renting a pump...maybe from the hospital? Said the attachments were all new, etc.
I think a double would make a world of difference. I used one when I went back to work the last month of the school year with E. Definitely worth looking into!

Heather said...

YOu're exclusively pumping w/o a hospital grade or at least a Medela PIS?! You're INSANE! YES you should rent a hospital grade pump for your sanity!

And Port is soooooooo adorable!!!!

Jill said...

Cutie Pie Cutie Pie! Geez I think you hit every breast pumping memory I can think of!

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