Friday, April 11, 2008

Where Have You Gone


I know, I know. I've been absent lately. Really, it's not my intention, I have just not been able to sit at the computer for very long for about the past week. I bet you all think it's because of the baby - but au contraire, it has been because of the visitors! lol!

We have had lots of people here; my parents, G&H, and Aunt A and Uncle W. I am so thankful for all the help and company they have provided. Because of the full house I really haven't had the opportunity to sit at the computer - much less blog. And by the time everyone is gone for the day I am too darn tired to string more than 2 or 3 words together.

But I am sure you can all forgive me, right?

Things have been great. Little Port is just the most wonderful baby. He has been quiet and easy and oh so sleepy. I know all of that can and probably will change, but for now he is a total dream. I know I haven't posted his birth story yet, but I can tell you that I have been working on it. It will be epically long - I am so sorry for that - but I want to remember every little detail. Forgive me for all the nonsense in between the action.

Port had his well baby check last Monday and he was already back up to his birth weight (well, shy one ounce). I had to stifle a laugh when the doctor told me I could stop waking him to eat every two hours.

Ahhh hahahahahahaaaaa! [ahhhhh, that feels better]

Honestly, unless there is a medical/health reason that a baby needs to eat every two hours on the clock, (for instance with Kiddo - his condition made his blood sugars all wonky for the first few days) then I am a total "feed on demand" kind of momma. We had to wake Kiddo up to feed in the NICU for 4 days and by the time we got him home he was basically trained to wake exactly by the clock. I believe that had a lot to do with his sleep issues. So this time, I have been determined to let sleeping babies sleep - and it seems to be working out well. So far Port has slept at least one 4-5 hour stretch per night, and it has made me a very happy momma.

He cluster feeds a lot. Usually several times a day for an hour or two; taking cat naps in between. Then he will settle into the swing or the bassinet for a 2-3 hour snooze. If I swaddle him tight at night he will sleep peacefully on his back in the bassinet - something Kiddo never did. I am so amazed. Kiddo ended up being a tummy sleeper and worried me for a long time.

Port is a super quiet guy, only getting riled up when he is cold or unhappy about a diaper change. He makes the same cooing noises Kiddo made when taking a bottle, and the more I look at him the more I realize that he and Kiddo are almost spitting images of each other. I will have to dig up some early Kiddo pictures for you all to compare.

If you looked at the pictures I posted, I'm sure you noticed the spots on Port's face. He was, in fact, born with Neonatal Lupus, just like his brother. Thankfully unlike his brother though, Port is in much better condition and has nothing more than the spots on his face. Those will heal and be barely visible as he grows up. We are so thankful that God spared this little one all the trauma that we and the Kiddo had to suffer through this condition. I know that if I hadn't had Port when I did, he may have been the same if not worse off than Kiddo was.

There is so much more to talk about, but once again it is now late in the evening and my body and mind are beginning to close up shop for the night. I must get back to the cuddly squishiness that is my baby and call it a night. I will post more when I can.

D :)


TitanKT said...

Glad you're at home and all is well, Dawn. Sounds like everything is blissfully wonderful, as it should be.

How is Kiddo handling the new baby and all the attention the new baby is getting? Have his bouts of sadness eased up?

I've been thinking of you guys and I'm glad you got a chance to post. I assumed were overwhelmed with new baby, new schedule, visitors, etc. and have been and will still be very patient waiting to hear from you when you get some stolen moments.

Take care and best wishes from me!

Vick said...

Enjoy your babymoon!! Port sounds like a little sweetheart :)

Heather said...

Aaaaah, I want my baby now :) I'm so glad he's an easygoing baby for you :)

Carrie said...

I'm so happy that sleep is going well for you two :) You can handle anything if you can string together 4 or 5 hours. Wonderful! I hope the grandparents are spoiling Seth rotten so he feels important :)

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