Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Speak

Kiddo speak for the week:

At the restaurant during lunch after church last Sunday:

Kiddo: "Mommy, I am worried"
Me: "Worried about what, Baby?"
Kiddo: "I'm worried about the church. Let's say a prayer."
Me: "Um, ok. You want to say a prayer for the church?"
Kiddo: "Yes, let's say a prayer. I am worried for the church."
Me: "Ok, close your eyes" - then I say a prayer


Today, we were "reading" a calendar page and Kiddo comes across Hubby's name. When we read, Kiddo spells out the letters, "H-U-B-B-Y".

Kiddo: "what's that spell?"
Me: "That spells Hubby"
Kiddo: "Hubby?"
Me: "That's Daddy's name, Hubby"
Kiddo: "Nooooooo!"
Me: "Yes Baby, What is Daddy's name?"
Kiddo: " I dunno."
Me: "His name is Hubby"
Kiddo: "Mommy, you're not making any sense!"


This morning after spilling juice on his pajama shirt, he walks up to me while taking it off.

Me: "Why are you taking off your shirt?"
Kiddo: "It's wet. I spill my juice."
Me: "Ok, well go put it in your hamper and I'll get you a dry shirt"
Kiddo: "Mommy we need to say a prayer"
Me: "A prayer?"
Kiddo: "Yes, a prayer for my shirt. It's wet. We need to pray to Jesus."

...and so we said a prayer for his wet shirt.

Well, what would you do? The boy has a strong prayer life I guess!


Tonight; while playing in the living room... running and yelling and being silly, he suddenly stops and in the most heartbroken voice says:
"I want to go to JAIL!!!!!!! wahhhaaahaaa, I want to go to JAIL!!!!!"

Oh to be 3 years old.

D :)

1 comment:

Julia said...

S is hysterical. How does he know the word "jail?" :D His need for prayer at the most random times is just too funny.

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