Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Won't Back Down

Big day today. Big. Day.

Early to rise, while everyone was still asleep I got up to pump. Kiddo woke up next and a while later Hubby emerged from our room with a bright eyed Port. We ate a quick breakfast, loaded up and took off.

For a week or so now we have made this journey multiple times. We've wound through the narrow passageways, we navigated the different regions, we've sampled the offerings. We made a plan and the excitement built this morning as we drove to the parking lot. Pulling in we noticed we were not the first, nor the second or third, instead we were among another 20 or so families who had made the same early morning plans.

We split into two teams; the flat bed with Hubby and Kiddo, and the bucket with Port and I. Each team planted themselves at an entrance.

They opened the doors to my entrance at 8:30. By then I had maneuvered myself and Port very near to the door and the other players were nipping at my heels.

Doors open and we rush in. Twisting and curving and spinning; running, sliding and gritting of teeth we made our way through the difficult maze that led to an eatery. Half the group split off to get a free breakfast as Port and I glided up to another restricted area.

First at the barricade the employee looked me straight in the eye and said:

"We don't open 'till 9 ma'am"

[Well duh Zippy.]

We stood and waited; and I realized that my heart was pounding. This was ridiculously exciting. At first, people filed in behind me, calmly waiting and giving each other breathing room. The lady next to me studied a store map and casually browsed a catalog. The gentleman next to her read The Catcher In The Rye. No one seemed too concerned about anything.

Hubby and I were worried about him being at the other entrance. Technically the exit, he would have to maneuver his way backwards through the check out lines in order to get to our destination, and with an event like this he was afraid the check-out police might block his path. I realized when I got to my gate that likely wasn't going to be the case, so I called Hubby to make sure he was holding his ground.

He wasn't. He was behind me.


Ah well, we would make the best of it. As the clock ticked closer to 9, the people behind me became more and more restless. The gaps between people got smaller and smaller, and soon I was getting irritated at the folks seemingly breathing down my neck. Finally, the gatekeeper released us and we burst forth like so much hot lava out of the top of an erupting volcano. People were pushing and shoving and racing through the store as fast as they could. The woman that had been next to me was courteous and kind, and I tried to be so as well to her. When we rounded the final corner, I saw it.

They had indeed let people in through the "exit" door.


I was the second or third in our group to get to the destination, but the 10th or 11th counting the others already there. There was no way I could get close to the merchandise. Thankfully, Hubby and Kiddo came screaming around the corner and my big muscle man shoved (politely) his way through the masses and used his bulging biceps to collect and carry the 35 pound boxes, 4 at a time, to me and the kids and our waiting carts.

We scored!

But there wasn't enough. Promises from employees said that more was coming; there would be plenty for everyone.

They lied.

It became glaringly obvious by the pained expressions on employee faces that something was amiss. The crowd sensed it as well and from then on out stockers could only get so far before having to abandon their load where the crowd stopped them. The crowd migrated to and fro throughout the store. A pallet would go down and they would swarm; arms and legs flying. Packaging swirling through the air. Hubby would emerge, as if coming up from the waters for air, with as much as he could carry. Tempers flared and waned and soon enough it was over. There was nothing left.

Sold out in 30 minutes flat.

Then to the lines we went; the cashier police counting boxes and piles. 25 only per customer. Never mind the family of four with preteens each claiming a cart and holding a credit card. This was war for some. Angry voices were heard everywhere; "but I drove 3 hours!! How can it all be gone??!?"

We had our loot. Pseudo friendships emerged between shoppers kind enough to give when greed overcame the masses. We chatted with each other in line; marveling at all that was witnessed.

We loaded up the vehicle. It sat LOOOOOOW on the tires.

Do you know what this is??

This my friends is my new wood floor!!
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This is for the living room, dining room and hallway.
This is the kitchen color.

And at 49 cents a square foot, I owe my eternal gratitude to my favorite store in the whole wide world.


D ;)

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Julia said...

So I just saw this post, but OH WOW! You got a great deal at that price? Was there a huge sale going on that I missed?

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