Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Would you believe that I have been blogging all week long, and just haven't gotten to a point in any post where I feel comfortable hitting "publish"?


Well, I have been blogging all week, and each day I get through about half a post and something distracts me. By the time I get back to it each night I am so tired it is all I can do to stay awake while I am pumping - there is no way I can complete a thought.

But trust me, I am still here. And I have lots to talk about.

Not that anyone is reading anymore...

D :)

"Silence" by Sarah McLachlan


J. Nalley said...

still reading.. :-)

Jen said...

Oh I'm still reading too!

Julia said...

still reading - my posts are just stream of consciousness anyway

jhjohnstone said...

I'm still reading too...

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