Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's been a long day. Whining, crying and fussing galore from both boys - I finally got Port to sleep so I could make dinner and Kiddo started in. First he threw a chair for no apparent reason. And when I calmly told him that we do not throw furniture and to put it back where it was he made this ornery rebellious face and shook his fists at me. I sent him to time out - told him to face the wall, etc. He knows he is not supposed to play with toys or yell or make any noises. Of course first he starts yelling that he is tired; it gets louder and louder and so I walked in and as calmly as I could told him he needed to hush and face the wall. More muttering under his breath - I ignore it and walk away.

We go on like this for a while, each time I have to go into the room to correct the behavior he gets more time in time out. But it wasn't working so I moved up a notch and told him that if I had to come in again he would get a swat.

This usually corrects the behavior pronto.

Not today. I found him on the floor playing with toys and when I told him to get back up on the stool he shouted "NO" at me.


I had to follow through. Punishment administered. Oh the crying.

I let him calm down and came back in to talk like we always do. He comes to me, puts his little arms around my neck and wraps his lags around my waist.

I breathe him in and we talk about what happened and why. He seems to understand. And just like all the times before I hugged him tight and told him that I loved him.

And he said

"I don't love you Mommy"



J. Nalley said...

Not fun D! My Sunday School class at church is a parenting class and they JUST talked about this! It's normal and ok, but boy it's not a fun blow huh!? It too will pass.

Mollie said...

Oh those darn crazy kids.... what can ya do :?

Vick said...

Awwww :( Poor mommy!

Jen said...

Oh gosh I could write that post myself these days...

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