Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Swallow The Moon

Port's 6th month check up was yesterday. He's 19 3/4 pounds and 27 inches long. Mercy! Unfortunately it is time to transition him out of the infant carrier (it tops out at 20 lbs) and into a rear facing infant/toddler car seat. We thankfully still have Kiddo's seat that we can use, but I am nervous about how it is all going to work in the van.

I discussed with the doctor Port's eating habits - or lack thereof I guess. I'm sure I mentioned that we started him on cereal and other first foods a while back; well things haven't been going so well. He pretty much refuses to eat anything I prepare for him, but he still wants everything on my plate! He will be good with baby food for about 3 bites and then he will either gag on it or turn his head away when I try to feed him. Dr. C suggested that I put his food on my plate with my food and just feed from the same plate, but I've tried that a few times and it just doesn't work - he's too smart for that I guess. The Dr. also said that teeth are highly overrated, so if there is something I wanted to give Port that was considered "adult" food it was ok to give him as long as it was slightly mushy. So, that's what I decided to do. When we got home from the appointment Port and I shared some cold fried chicken (breading picked off of his of course) and mashed potatoes, and for just him I had some apple Puffs and avocado. He LOVED it. Especially the chicken! Please don't throw "bad mommy" things at me - I really don't know why I shouldn't be able to give him small pieces of cooked chicken. So much for the traditional introduction of one food at a time...

That afternoon I decided to let him have his first go at a Biter Biscuit and he had so much fun! It was a complete déjà vu moment (I've been having those a lot lately!) tied to when Kiddo had his first biscuit experience

[this is Kiddo, circa February 2005]- so I took out my camera in the hopes of getting some similar pictures of the occasion.
Ah, anyway, I am hoping to do some more formal photos of Port at 6 months, but for now these will have to do...

The overhead light was too yellow and unappealing, so I pulled out my speed light for the rest of these...

I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it. ;)

D :)


Julia said...

The "suggested" order of food is totally an American bias based on local diet. Elsewhere in the world, babies eat so much more variety than the standard stuff you see offered up by Gerber and like. Feed Port what he likes, so long as it is baby safe and allergen free (if he's allergic)! This is such a big discussion among the Asian American families board on BBC.

Vick said...

I feed Miss O tons of stuff - including cold cuts and bits of hamburger :) I avoid obvious dairy and soy, but I don't worry about baked goods or the like having milk or soy in them. With Bean i was all sorts of retentive, but Miss O gets pretty much anything she looks interested in.

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