Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Picture

The Evolution of a Photo Shoot:

1) Starts out ok. The lighting is very low, so I don't have much hope for these. They are very grainy. Cute subject though. ;)

2) Ok, so there is a lot wrong with this space. Half the floor is missing and the light appears to be behind the subject.

3) He is mighty cute though. Ugh, unsightly plug on the wall behind him. Must remember to photoshop that out later. 4) Trying to get subject to smile, I took my face off of the view finder and was looking over the top of my camera - lost composition and chopped toes. Don't do this unless you know you won't move.

5) Not sure what this face is. Constipation? Gas? Sick of the Mommy saying "Port, look at Mommy!"He is about to say something intelligent, can't you tell?

I guess he'll wait to tell me when he is older...6) Here comes big brother. Distraction!

7) The light is so low these are extremely blurry. Of course that's precisely when I get the best smiles. *rolls eyes*
8) Top of Camera Flash is never a good thing. Ugly dead plant behind subjects.9) More flash - won't I ever learn?
10) Funny faces will make for good smiles right?
11) Guess not.
But he's still awfully cute.
11) Background SUCKS - dead plant, electric plug and now the addition of knee pads and vacuum accessories. Creative cropping required.
Wide angle lens distorting a bit...his feet look huge!
Thankfully the subject is still in fairly good humor.
12) Big brother who doesn't want his picture taken does not add element of interest to images.
13) Big brother who doesn't want picture taken is distraction to cute subject. Instruct Big Brother to sit down and look at Mommy.
14) Hooray! Big Brother is gone! ;)
15) Uh oh.
I think the session is about over.
Yeah, this isn't looking good. Where is my cute subject? Cute Sub-jeeeeect????
Oh well, at least maybe it was entertaining to somebody.
D :)


jhjohnstone said...

Very cute! Both the subject and the distraction are very handsome!

Julia said...

These pictures crack me up!

Ilma said...

This was hilarious! Totally made me laugh. They are so cute!!

TitanKT said...

My goodness! Doesn't little Porty-poo look just like his daddy!?

Jenn said...

entertaining?? YES! Very cute!
And, btw...I love your floors! :)

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