Sunday, October 05, 2008

Let's Wait a While

Bodily functions and wardrobe malfunctions - welcome to my weekend.

Last night Hubby and I took the kids to a local park so that we could work on our speed light skills and get some images of the kids in the process. Port turned 6 months this past week, and I really need to get some good photographs made of him. We ventured out a bit later than planned, but made it to the park just as that amazing sun set light was washing over the area.

Unfortunately, my camera never left it's bag, and I don't even know if Hubby got anything in the few shots he took. We stayed for a little while exploring the park and letting Kiddo play on the playscape and then realized that hunger was setting in so we left for dinner. We wanted to go to a nearby TGI Fridays - mainly because it is one of the few restaurants around here with an outdoor patio. Hubby LOVES outdoor patios at restaurants. He loves them. Did I tell you that he loves outdoor patios at restaurants?

He loves them.

Anyway, when we got to the Friday's, it was pretty crowded and there were several people smoking on the patio. Not wanting to subject the kids to second hand smoke, we opted to go over to IKEA to browse for a few minutes and let the evening dinner rush crowd thin out.

I love IKEA. Love it. Have I mentioned my deep, deep love for IKEA? It's just one of those stores you either love or hate. I fell in love with IKEA around the time I got married. A new one had opened up in Houston, and being a young newlywed with not a lot of income but a desperate need for furniture that wasn't made up of cinder blocks and 2x4s, IKEA became a salvation. My love has not waned much from then, but I do have to say that over the years things at IKEA have changed somewhat. The couch we bought there 10 years ago is about half the size now and the same price. I think they are making furniture for the little people these days, because I feel like the Jolly Green Giant every time I go in the store now.

But I digress...

I know I told you about the IKEA that opened up here in our town two years ago. I don't get out there much, but when I am up that way I have to stop in and have a look around. And since we needed to kill some time, a trip through the IKEA maze was a good way to do it. We managed to get about half way through when I had a moment of déjà vu smack me right upside the head. I was holding Port who had gotten cranky in his infant carrier when the front of my shirt suddenly felt warm and wet. Then I heard the sound of liquid dripping on to the display room's laminate flooring.

Apparently the fluid threshold in Port's diaper had been surpassed. And the surplus was all over me, him and the lovely IKEA floor. Leaving Kiddo and Hubby in the kid's rooms section I rushed Port over to the restrooms to change him. I think it was the first time I have ever been prepared with a spare outfit in his diaper bag - too bad I didn't have one for me though. Once I had him cleaned up, I draped his receiving blanket across my front to cover the wet areas and carried him out. We briskly walked through the rest of the maze and made our way out and over to the restaurant.

Once there, we snagged a great table on the almost empty patio and had a lovely meal. Port decided to make a nasty poopy diaper while we were there, but thankfully it didn't blow out this time.

Sunday morning we went to church. For the past few weeks we have been sitting in the Family Room during the service; after months of me roaming the halls with Port while Hubby listened to the sermon in the sanctuary we decided that the family and worship time together in the Family Room was worth more than the disadvantage of the uncomfortable chairs and noisy kids. But this Sunday there was a special child dedication service and the Family Room was closed. About 10 minutes into the sermon I left with Port to roam the halls. Almost as soon as we got out there I once again felt that warm wet sensation and found that once again his diaper had leaked all over the front of me. This time, the wet spot was strategically placed where it looked like I had wet myself. Joy.

Thankfully I had remembered to change out the spare outfit for Port so I was able to change him again into a clean outfit. Once again I had to drape the receiving blanket across me to cover the wet spots and pretend I couldn't feel what was seeping through my clothes. To make matters worse, the shirt I was wearing had issues. The top and the bottom button did not want to stay fastened, and so I was constantly flashing people either cleavage or belly. Not really a good look for church I'd say.

D :)

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Julia said...

It's ok. Just admit that you are a huge fan of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake together. Flashing an accident? Riiiight. ;D

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