Saturday, May 09, 2009

Crank It Up

Sometimes having a baby sucks.
{Images from 2008, more found here}
Like on days like today, when the whole family is on their way to the annual Art Car Parade, and I am stuck here in the house, because, as always, the timing of the event runs right in the middle of nap time.
Nap time.

The holiest, sacred block of time in the day.

It can make or break a day you know.
So I am forced to weigh the elements here. Take the baby and go to the parade, knowing that he would only get about 1/3 of his daily nap (in the car no less) and then be a cranky, cranky, Crankster for the rest of the day. Or bow out of the festivities in the hopes that the afternoon/evening will go a lot easier.

Because you know who has to deal with the Crankster if he is being a trouble maker.

And since I didn't get much sleep last night...I guess I'll have to pass on the parade.


D :)

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