Friday, May 01, 2009

Iron Man

Is it Friday already!?! Welcome Company Girls! Sorry I missed you last week. I still visited your blogs, but didn't have a chance to post one of my own.

How are things with you? The next few weeks are going to be busy for us. This weekend is chocked full of things to do and next weekend we will be visiting the inlaws. Somewhere in there I have to fit in a couple of photo sessions, plant a whole new additional garden and keep up with the kids at the sprinkler park (it opens this weekend, yay!!!). Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog!

Yesterday Kiddo was bugging me to take him to the park.

please, please, please, please, pul-eeeeeeeeeeese!


I really didn't feel like going to the park, and I needed to run some errands anyway so I told him if he was good while running errands we would stop at Sonic for a drink after we were done.

We went by the post office then on to Walmart. Joy!

And as soon as we got into Walmart Kiddo started asking me about what I was buying for him.

Because you know, it is always something. *eye roll*

He goes through phases like this, where if I don't buy him something, anything on a shopping trip he gets terribly upset. So I immediately stopped the cart, got right down on his level and told him very sternly that he needed to stop asking me - that just because we were in a store, it didn't mean that we were going to get him anything and if he continued to pester me about it I was going to take him home and he would not be allowed to shop with me anymore. He immediately stopped asking me for things.

Oh yeah, I'm good. ;)


Kiddo has this thing for dressing up in his Halloween costumes and running around playing "superhero". He has a Dash costume, a Mr. Incredible costume and a Spiderman costume that have seen more use and wear than most Halloween costumes will ever see. I suppose his love is equivalent to a little girl dressing up in princess gear...

So because of this, I am always keeping an eye out for costumes on clearance - because honestly the costumes he has are about to fall apart.


I hate it when I have to put my foot down about something and then have to eat my own words. It totally sucks. And I suppose I could have handled this particular situation differently, but...

Mere minutes after very bluntly telling Kiddo he was not getting anything from this shopping trip, I round a corner to see a small display of clearance merchandise on the shelf. And sitting at the top was an Iron Man costume set, complete with mask. Normally $20, it was marked down to $7. And it was the only one left.

I very discretely grabbed it off the shelf and slipped it into the cart when Kiddo wasn't looking.

A good five minutes later he spotted the huge box in the cart. He asked me who the costume was for, and in a moment of weakness I told him that it was for someone's birthday.

{I know, I can't believe I lied either. ugh}

Well, even with the lie it still opened up a whole can of worms - Who's birthday was it? How old were they going to be? Was it a costume party? What was he going as? Can he buy a toy? "but I have a dollar, what can I get?"

ugh, ugh, ugh

I told him we would talk about it in the car, so of course he remembered and asked me first thing. I told him that I did buy the costume for him to have eventually and if he could be good for me for the whole day (mind you it was almost 2pm, but I still didn't think he could do it) with no time outs, no getting in trouble, no whining or fussing; if he could be nice to his brother and nice to me and his Daddy and not give us an attitude for the rest of the day, then he could have the costume. But if he got in trouble, got a time out, didn't listen or was rude or mean to his brother the deal was off and we would have to start all over today.

I just knew he wouldn't make it.

Guess who's been wearing an Iron Man costume all day?

Ah, the power of the superhero!

D :)

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Victoria said...

You know that this post is worthless without a picture of Kiddo in his costume, right?

Bean's the same way at stores - and sure as shinola, if I say "you're not getting *anything*" there's something I just have to get her.

One of my favorite 'tricks', tho, is letting her pick out a stuffed animal to hold in the cart while we shop, or to carry with her while we shop. She's *usually* good about returning it at the end of the trip.

Joyce said...

hehehe...We try to be sly and sneaky about stuff too. Man, those kids are too smart these days.

secondofwett said...

Your son reminds me of the little boy in Hope Floats! cool is that.

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

At least he took the initial "We can't buy something every time we go to the store" well! :) My oldest, especially, went through that, but it was usually at the grocery store. She was DYING for a banana. Try reasoning with a 2 year old that you really DO have to pay for the banana before eating it due to the weight thing. Sigh. But next week, we really will need to see the Iron Man costume. ;) (Have you tried to find costumes?)

Rachel Anne said...

Gotta love that story!! Such a perfect snapshot of parenting in general, huh?? Just FYI, I NEVER told a lie to my kids....ha! right.

I'm with Victoria...want to see pics!! I personally love kids in costumes, particularly superhero costumes!

I'm so late getting here for coffee, but since it's Monday morning, I could use a second cup!!

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