Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Done

I should be blogging about something, I know. But in all honesty, I just don't really have much to say right now. I feel like I am blogging the same thing over and over and over...

Port is teething again - another molar. His gums are twice their usual width where the tooth is trying to push through. He is twice as fussy as he normally is. ;-) Kiddo is driving me nutso as usual because we don't go enough places - but it's too hot in the afternoons and with Port waking me up at 6:30 every morning I just don't have the energy to do much before noon. Then, by the time I wake up, it is time for Port's nap...we just don't get out much. The playgroups I am a member of don't do as much as they used to, so there are less opportunities to get out with them as well.

The whole thing is a vicious cycle, staying in the house makes everyone nutty which makes me yell more and makes lots more tears and fussing, which makes me want to go out even less which makes everyone more fussy which runs me down and makes me depressed.... it goes on and on and on.

And on top of it all I have a ton of things I need to do, that have been put off for sooooo long, and I just have no desire to do any of it. There just isn't enough concentrated time in the day for me to tackle projects because I get interrupted every 2 minutes.

The baby just walked up and pinched my arm. Hard.

Anyway, I haven't fallen off the planet or anything. I am just hiding out in the house, wishing for, above all, a nap.

I'll try to muster up something more interesting soon.



Julia said...

BRing the kids over to my place in the afternoons. We can take turns watching each other's monkeys so we can do the important things, like check email and blog. ;D I hear you on the teething, early wakings, and cranky #1s.

Victoria said...

Sorry it's been such a blah time. I remember many days like that, and wish I could host a playdate to get you out of the house. I miss everyone and all the kiddos!

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