Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Days

On Saturday...
We were so excited to discover the zucchini! But then we discovered this...
It was eating my zucchini plants. We lost one completely. Another had to be sliced, diced and transplanted. I think it will survive, but it won't put out any veggies for a while. I also had to hack away at another plant, but I never found the larva inside. Hopefully the plant will survive too. See how the leaves of these zucchini plants are bigger than my head?!?
The plants are enormous!! And so far we have about a dozen zucchini growing. That beauty in the first picture from Saturday? Well, this was it today...
We harvested it, and I measured... 11 1/2 inches long! LOL! I can't wait to cook it for supper tomorrow night!

And it only took 3 days... ;-)

D :)

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Very pretty.

Now if only zucchini were edible ...

(I shuddered a little looking at the pics. Summer squashes make me sooo queasy.)

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