Monday, May 04, 2009

Whirl Away

We had a busy, busy weekend. Hubby had a church group motorcycle ride on Saturday so kiddo and I kept busy by repotting a bunch of house plants. I had several that desperately needed new pots and soil, and while I think I ended up killing a couple, the ones that seem to be thriving now look so much better than before. I still have a few more to do, but I ran out of potting soil.

When Hubby got home he discovered a strange email from a company confirming his order for colon cleanser. The email had his name, his address, his cell phone number and the last 4 digits of our credit card.

The problem is, he didn't order any colon cleanser. {if he did, do you think I would tell you? *wink*}

And of course, at 10PM on Saturday night, the company was closed for the evening.

- until Monday morning. DOH!

Sunday morning we got up to go to church, and just before we were walking out the door the phone rang. It was a recorded message from our credit card company concerning suspicious activity. On the way to church I called the 800 number on the back of my card (not the number left in the phone call - just to be safe) and sure enough, someone had gotten a hold of our credit card number.

The suspicious activity? Well we only use that card for purchases usually totaling $50 or more, only every now and then and we pay it off immediately. In the past couple of days the card had been used for 4 or 5 purchases, all under $6 each.


I guess the thief thought they could slide under the radar by making small purchases.

But here is the kicker.

All the purchases were being sent to us. The merchandise included colon cleanser, Itunes, acai berry pills, some cosmetic something or another and a couple other supplements and diet pills.



So we canceled the card and a new one will be issued to us. I still have no idea how they got the number. Our best guess is that the information from an online order was intercepted and they have been sitting on the information for a while now. ugh.

At church, Port discovered his tongue and proceeded to play with it throughout the service. Of course, he would do that the weekend after the big swine flu panic epidemic scare, whatever. And of course, it would be the one weekend that a mom brought her daughter and pulled out a big bucket of toys for every kid in the room to drool chew spit up on share. And share they did. I just knew we were coming home with an extra germy passenger.

While Port napped Kiddo and I worked in the garden while Hubby built another raised garden bed. Then we got the troops together and headed out to Hutto to a farm. We had a Senior photo shoot scheduled - I was to take the portraits and Hubby was photographing the senior jumping his motorcycle while wearing a cap and gown. It was so fun!

We were at the shoot until just past sunset and then had to rush back home in time for me to meet my podcast co-host, Kim, for our weekly meeting. We were running really late, so Hubby dropped me off at Starbucks with her and then took the kids home to put hem to bed (really late and really cranky - Hubby was a saint! Especially when faced with a diaper-change-gone-wrong-pee-pee-fountain-shower...poor Hubby!). I went into Starbucks to place my order, and because it was so late, I got a slice of lemon pound cake and an apple fritter for Hubby for free!! Woo hoo!

The meeting went well and Kim brought me home where I collapsed in a heap shortly after. What an amazingly long and busy weekend!

I don't usually like being that busy, but it was really nice for a change. It almost felt like we had more purpose, more life. Funny how that happens.

D :)

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kimberly said...

So glad you made it and didn't have to cancel. Yes it is nice to have some purpose isn't it? BTW- the senior shots turned out great!

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