Friday, August 14, 2009

Going Home

Happy Friday Company Girls!! (and other Beloved Readers!) I tried to publish this post 3 times before Blogger quit eating it...

Well as many of you know, I had the most amazing weekend last weekend. After getting my hair colored and cut (always a treat - thanks Kim!!) I waited for the Hubby to get home from work. As soon as he was home, I kissed him and the kiddos goodbye and drove my little happy self up to Dallas to spend a couple of days with our very own Rachel Anne!
We met up to work on her very special book project, Company Girl. It was so fun sifting through all the amazing photo entries. We narrowed it down to a little over 100, and then took to task placing the perfect photo with each line of the text. Sometimes, it was so hard to choose!
Rachel is so fun to work with, and thankfully we agreed on most of the selections. We were very fortunate to have her daughter there as well to help us choose. I just love her office - it is so open and inviting, with lots of room to spread out.
I know ya'll are dying to know, so I am going to spill. lol! Her home really is a Sanctuary!! Yes, really! (not that I ever doubted you Rachel, but you know some internet folk can be kinda dicey... hee hee!) Her home is so nice and comfortable! It's beautifully furnished and inviting. I felt completely comfortable in every room. She has little touches all around the house that make it special - well placed books or an antique lamp, beautiful lace on an end table or a cute little potted plant. And it's all placed so perfectly and makes each area look just right. I so wish I had that kind of eye for things.

Like I said before, we did lots of talking and visiting. This is Rachel talking to her daughter just after we ate breakfast.
We did lots of laughing too!
I just fell in love with this guy. He is soooo sweet! And when he wants to talk to you he moans. lol!
This is only part of the long, twisty dirt road drive to Rachel's house. It was a good thing she met me at the end of the driveway when I arrived on Friday night, or I never would have found the house.
I can totally see myself having coffee and spending some peaceful time here in the mornings.

This of course is the amazing Flash!!
He has the coolest black stripe running down the middle of his back and tracing around his shoulders.

Flash is so sweet, like a big ol dog. He would approach me, but then back away when my shutter clicked. I think the camera kinda freaked him out a little.
He loooooves Rachel - I think he would crawl into her lap if she let him!
I had so much fun on my trip! We made great progress on the book, and developed a wonderful friendship. It was a weekend I will never, ever forget!

Thanks for stopping by!

D ;)


kimberly said...

{clap, clap, clap} Great post and pics!

Rachel Anne said...

Oh Man! You have more picture of me on your blog than I have on mine! Thanks for just putting the decent ones in :)

I do think that Flash and Beau were the most photogenic of the bunch.

You are very generous in your description of my home. But to know you felt at home and welcomed is the best compliment of all.

I had such an incredibly great time with you, and as I'm sitting here today, working again on the book, I'm remembering the fun weekend and how instantly we clicked. It isn't often that you can spend that much time with someone you barely know and, at the end, feel like you still wanted to spend more time.

We polished off the remaining sopapillas rather quickly...still need that recipe! I bought crescent roll and cream cheese last time I was at the they are calling my name! :)

I'll link to your post on Monday, just in case people miss your coffee link over the weekend.

Joyce said...

What a fun time you two must have had!

The Wino said...

Great pictures! Sounds like fun!

Victoria said...

What a great trip!

And your hair looks fab :)

Mommahen said...

LOVE the pictures. I'm glad to hear another friend describe Rachel Anne's home. She's always so modest, I just can't beleive someone with so much creativity could have such an ordinary place. I'm excited to see what the finished book looks like. Glad you got some good girl-y time! Hope you have a great week.

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