Saturday, August 01, 2009

Back and Forth

Welcome to Company Girl Coffee, the weekend edition!

Sorry I missed coffee yesterday everyone! Most of the day I was gabbing it up with some of my oldest, dearest friends and the rest of the time I was on the road driving home from Houston. I had gone to Houston mid week with the hopes of being able to photograph the labor and birth of a friend of mine, but sadly her soon to be newborn daughter had other plans. But it was still a good trip though - the boys got some great Happy and Grammy time in and I got to visit with them and my good friends.

In a way I guess I did participate in Company Girl coffee - with my own company girls from high school. The coffee and conversation was very good!

So, I drove up on Wednesday and back on Friday. It was an interesting trip for sure. I swear, most of the time these things just don't happen to me, but this trip - it was one thing after another.

What kind of things you ask? Well let me tell you...

1. Like I said I was going to Houston for a shoot. My mommy friend was due with her baby, and had scheduled an induction for Thursday morning. If she didn't go into labor before, she would definitely have the baby sometime on Thursday. When I got about 2/3rds of the way there, she called me to tell me that her induction got bumped from the schedule. Since I was almost there, I decided to go ahead with my plans and hope the baby decided to come on her own.

2. After putting the boys to bed, I discovered that once again I had left all forms of cell phone charging device at home. And of course, my cell phone was almost dead. I had to make a run to the 24 hour Walmart for a new charger (I did the same thing just a few weeks ago, the last time I went to Houston). There was only one left at the store that worked with my phone. I had to sit in the car for 20 minutes and wait for it to charge enough to last the night.

3. I hooked up my computer to check my email and do some surfing and discovered that my wireless mouse was broken. I have no idea what is wrong with it, it just doesn't work any more. And yes, I checked the batteries.

4. After finally crawling into bed a little after 11, I woke up to the sound of my 4 yr old sniffing and moaning in the pallet on the floor next to the bed. I turned on the light to discover him having a gusher of a nose bleed; all over himself, the bed, the took about 30 minutes and half a box of kleenex to get it to stop, and he slept through the whole thing.

5. He woke me up at 6:30AM bright eyed and bushy tailed. He played soccer in the room until I couldn't take it any more and let him out at 7:30.

6. When I offered to let him climb into bed with me, he grabbed his pillow off the floor pallet and it knocked a glass of water off the dresser. My cell phone, the alarm clock and the wall behind the dresser all got drenched. Thankfully nothing was ruined.

7. After breakfast, I knocked over a glass of water onto the table.

8. When in the bedroom changing the baby's diaper, Kiddo took my empty water cup off the night stand (the one he knocked over hours before) put more water in it, brought it back down the hall, turned around and proceeded to sling the contents all over the wall and floor in the hallway.

9. That night every little sniff from Kiddo woke me in a panic. He talked in his sleep all. night. long. At one point he was pointing up to the ceiling, jabbering about something I could not understand, and getting louder and more animated by the second.

10. The next morning I took the boys to a friend's house to hang out. On the way, Port pulled his favorite party trick and poked the nipple from his bottle down into the bottle and then poured the 6 ounces of formula into his lap. When I got to the friend's house, I had to strip him completely nekkid. Of course, I did not have a spare outfit in the diaper bag.

11. Just as it was time for Port's nap and for me to leave my friend's house, the sky opened up and dumped more rain than I have seen all year. We were trapped there for 3 more hours waiting for the rain to let up. That was actually a blessing (more time with my friends) but I knew it was really going to mess up Port's sleeping schedule.

12. Port and Kiddo instantly fell asleep in the car when we left. And woke up almost exactly 30 minutes later when we arrived at Grammy and Happy's house. I loaded up the car to head home, thinking Port would finish out his nap on the way. He has never cried so much as he did on the way home.

I do not need any more stressful trips like that any time soon. Even with all the problems though, it was still pretty great.

I hope your weekend was great! Thanks for stopping by!

D :)

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