Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Key To My Heart

Oh man it is a busy, busy week! I am in the middle of deep cleaning my house (to the best of my ability - not expecting any miracles, but it will be company ready by Friday), processing two photo shoots, designing an album for my senior rep, processing 2 big orders (one that includes a slide show - eek! Lol!) and planning for Kiddo's birthday party on Saturday.

So, yeah, I have time to blog, sure! hee hee

Kiddo sprung a big one on me the other day; declaring that he wanted an Iron Man cake, instead of the very generic "super hero" he requested months ago. Of course, of course, there is nothing Iron Man to be found in stores these days, and it is too close to the party to order anything on line. So, I am really pulling this one out of dark places (if you know what I mean) in order to give him what he wants. To make it even more difficult, he wants a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Ugh. But he wants what he wants...I guess I can make some German Chocolate cake cupcakes for everyone else! ;-)

So today we went on the great hunt for Iron Man stuff, and after searching 4 different stores and coming up empty, we got a hot tip from a Party City employee that the local HEB grocery store might still have some Iron Man party stuff. I took a chance on our HEB Plus, thinking since they had a bigger party section we might get lucky. We found some napkins and cups and a few little things like stickers, but that was it. I am still on the hunt for an action figure - hopefully to put on the cake so that I don't have to make the cake itself into Iron Man. I don't think I could do that with the limited time I have. Though, I have been looking for a good excuse to make that marshmallow fondant again...

So the boys are doing great. Port has had another growth spurt. The 24 month clothes he was comfortably wearing last week now ride up and are almost too small. He is on the verge of really talking; he communicates better and better every day. He does this extremely annoying screaming shriek thing when he wants something, and so I am trying to teach him a few signs in the hopes of stopping the shrieking. So now he signs "more" most of the time when he wants me to read the book again, or if he wants more of a particular food. I think it helps him by lessening his frustration. The "words" that he does say so far are, mama, daddy, kee (kitty), hey, hi, bye, nigh (night), meow, moo, and sometimes yes and no. Today Kiddo and I taught him how to hiss like a snake. Oh and his newest one is "dah" which is his version of "dude". I was changing his diaper the other day and he kept kicking and struggling to get out of my grip and in frustration I quite loudly said "DUDE!" and he thought that was THE most hilarious thing ev-vah!

I tried to capture some of the hilarity on the video, but he had already tired of it some by the time I found the Flip. Later on we recreated the event for Hubby and it was just as funny as it was the first time. Oh and that screech at the end? yeah, that's only a shortened version of what I hear about 4,378,493,246,378,204,738,956 times a day.

Kiddo has grown too; mentally and physically. He blows me away with his intelligence and his sheer size. I am worried that by the time he goes to school next year, he will look and act like a second grader! Poor kid, maybe homeschooling is the best idea. I can't believe that in just a week he will be 5 years old. It has gone so fast!

So that's the short version. I have a ton of things to do before bed tonight so I better wrap this up. Wish me luck this week - I am for sure going to need it.

D :)


Jennifer said...

Good luck sister! Sometimes I have no idea where the time goes...and where all the "stuff" to do comes. Ugh. Hang in there! You are a fantastic mom, all the detail you go to for that Iron man cake! We have the same issue here, only Joei want's a Belle cake. Great. They sell nothing with just Belle!

Carrie said...

Hope everything goes well this weekend :)I wish we were closer, I actually have an Ironman character you could borrow. Patrick had the whole Ironman thing last year. He and Seth sound so alike in their interests. It would be fun to get them together one of these days...

Rachel Anne said...

I hope the party went well!! What a mom to go to such lengths for an iron man cake!

Love the video...Dude! What a perfect word for a little man to learn. So cute!!

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