Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chilly Feet and Hot Coffee

It's early, I am up and Kiddo is still sleeping. *ahh!* Sometimes I love mornings like this. Normally I would just sleep as long as Kiddo would let me, but I couldn't go back to sleep after Hubby got up for work. It is very chilly out this morning - I think the coldest morning we've had so far this year, and my feet are screaming at me to go get some socks. I hate socks. I love to go bare foot. But, being the cold natured one that I am, if the temperature drops below about 70 degrees I have to wear them or I will run around shivering all day.

I haven't taken Kiddo anywhere in 2 days. I've been strapped to the computer editing photos and trying desperately to get caught up on everything. Being without a computer for a week really threw everything off. My neighbor is having a play date today with some of her friends and invited me along. The plan is to meet at a nearby park, but if the weather is bad we will meet at her house. I'm hoping for the park - Kiddo needs to do some running and he is no good at in home playdates. He gets very possessive of things that aren't even his and shows a lot of aggression when in too close quarters with other kiddos.
Kiddo just came down the hall. His little feet padding along quietly as he let out a couple of primal cries for me - I love him so much first thing in the morning - so warm and cuddly. I love that when I pick him up he nuzzles his face in my neck. I love the sigh of contentment he releases when we lie down on the couch together. He would be happiest if we slept there every night (and for a long time we did). I love it when he goes back to sleep and I can kiss the top of his little bed head and smell the sweetness that only he possesses. I love him finding contentment when he tangles his fingers all up in my hair. Best of all, the little voice he uses when he talks in his sleep - it is high and airy - "tahp, tahp, no deh day car deh day pumpin, pumpin, tahp pumpin" which translates to: "couch, couch, no it's a car or a pumpkin, pumpkin, couch pumpkin" I wonder what exactly he is dreaming about! I left him all cuddled under a blanket on the couch, presumably asleep, and after about 1 minute I hear "Mommy, Incredibles on the TV?" So I turned on Curious George instead and he is happily snuggling into the couch cushions. What ever happen to Sesame Street anyway? It used to be on (just recently) a few times a morning, and now I can't find it at all after 7am. That sucks.

ETA: Oh my goodness, speaking of Elmo, I just found this link on Karrie's blog, Elmo. This it too funny! Kiddo must have one!

Well, I guess I really didn't have anything interesting to talk about, but I am trying to write more often, so I felt the need to contribute. I think I need another cup of coffee.



Anonymous said...

aww Dawn. Your so adorable and you take the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. so natural so real, Your very good sweetheart. xoxo

Anonymous said...


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