Monday, October 23, 2006

Wedding Rings, Pop Top Rings and Silly Things

I put my wedding ring on today for the first time in about 2 1/2 years. I couldn't believe it! It finally fits again. When I got pregnant with Kiddo, I started swelling at about 20 weeks (gotta love early on set pre-e!) and though it normally had a little wiggle room, the unusually wide band was instantly uncomfortable. I think my fear of having to have it cut off (since Hubby designed it himself and it could not be replaced) made me remove it a bit early. And even though I lost most of the weight I gained within the first two weeks post partum, I still could not get the rings on.

Now, I was not by any means heavy, but I did hold on to some "extra" weight for quite a while. My back problems kept me from doing anything too physical, and staying home all day with Kiddo before he was mobile did nothing for weight loss. In January of this year I decided I was tired of the extra pounds and that my eating habits were not doing me any good. I changed my diet to salads for lunch and healthy eating during the week, and left weekends to my discretion to cheat or stay on track. It worked, and to date I have lost 20 lbs. I am finally back down to pre-pregnancy weight, without too much effort on my part. My back problems have disappeared, and today, my rings slid on like they had never been off my finger! YAY!

Took Kiddo to the park today. There is this really cool place just up the road from our house that has a little playscape next to a recently dried up lake. Our mom's group had a meet up there to look at and learn about fossils. Then we scoured the dried up area for shells and interesting things. Kiddo wasn't too into the fossils, but he loved running up and down the wood deck that led out to a gigantic drop off where water once was!

Here are a few of him in action!

Just to show you how long it has been since the lake bed saw the sun, I will share what was littered all around the perimeter...

Those little pop tops were EVERYWHERE! Do remember those? :) I remember my parents telling me to be super careful opening soda and how many times I about cut my finger off just to get to my Nehi Peach!

Kiddo did great playing with the other kids. In recent months I have had to watch him carefully around other kids because he can get upset or aggressive when things don't go his way. Today though, he happily followed everyone around, appreciative of finally being in a group of little people. Then, for no reason that I could see, a couple of the slightly older boys decided it would be real fun to throw handfuls of mulch at him. At first they threw it at chest level, but it soon got more vindictive and mean and they were throwing it roughly at his face. And rightly so, Kiddo laughed at first, but when he found himself spitting chopped up wood he got pretty upset. He cried for me, of course. Not having dealt with this kind of thing before (and since the other moms were preoccupied) I walked up to him, dusted him off and told him, rather loudly, to tell the mean boys "no" and that throwing is not nice. He went back to playing, and when the boys started in on him again, he did it! He told them "no, not nice! don't throw!" and they left him alone. Yay Kiddo!

The park was really fun until I decided it was time to go, and true to form Kiddo tried to throw a major fit. (there's more to the story involving poop and other things but I won't bore you) I managed to meander until another mom was ready to leave and we walked out of the park together with her daughter. It was just enough distraction for Kiddo to not notice that the playscape was disappearing in the background!

He had a royal melt down when we got home, and finally crashed on the couch promptly at 6pm. Joy. Looks like another late night for me. :)




karrie said...

Very cute pics!

It took forever for my ring to fit again. Even once I was at my pre-preg weight for awhile. Then, like you, one day I tried and it slid right on.

Dawn said...

Funny you should say that Karrie - I thought for sure my fingers had just permanently expanded; much like my feet and waist line! lol! I thought it was a pg side effect; but I guess it just took the right combo of weight loss and outdoor temp to be below 70 degrees for everything to fit properly again.

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