Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Cutie Patootie

I simply cannot get over how cute my little one is. I know I am supposed to be biased because I birthed him and all, but the Kiddo is CUTE! And he is growing like a weed, dang it. I put these jeans on him this morning thinking I would most certainly have to roll them up. Nope. They fit perfectly!

He looks like a little teenager. Please excuse the messy house behind him.

We made a pilgrimage to Tar-jay today as I was in need of several items. Included on my list were various odds and ends for the photo biz (does it ever end?!?!) and I wanted to gander at their costume selection for Kiddo. I kinda thought he'd be Dash, since after all he thinks he is Dash most of the time anyway, but I thought I would end up piecing the costume together from various things around the house. But, true to form, Tar-jay had everything I needed (and then some) and we found a complete Dash costume at a very reasonable price.

So, without further adieu - and for the sheer reason that from the moment this was in the cart, Kiddo wanted it ON NOW....

I give you DASH! :)

But he is still Cheese Face to me!


D :)


Anonymous said...

OMGGGG that is those are the cutest pics of your little GUY. I LOVE THEM. and never be jealous of me and jen's friendship, we LOVE YOU TOO DAWN. your a good buddy to us too sweetie. LOVE YA. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh I found your blog! Yeah! He is a cutie I totally agree with you. You are nto being biased! Talk to you when I get back from my trip.

foodiemama said...

he is super cute. love the incredibles outfit...gus was jackjack last year...this year a garden gnome...hasnt been that easy putting the outfit you think they sell one at target? reading your blog.

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