Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sweetberry Farms

Yesterday I took Kiddo to a wonderful place called Sweetberry Farms. It resides about an hour drive from here into the hill country. Most of the year Sweetberry Farms serves as a pick-your-own strawberry and blackberry patch, but in the fall they transform it into pumpkin patches, hay rides and petting zoo for all the little kiddies to come and play.

This trip was organized through a mom's group I am a member of. I think the next time we go it will be on our own accord. Kiddo does not do well in a place like that (with lots of room to run and play) waiting on other people. I spent most of the time ripping him away from what he wanted to do, thereby making him mad, and standing around waiting for our tour guide to get it together and move us on to the next thing. But, aside from the negative aspect of the group tour, I enjoyed seeing all the moms and kiddos together having fun. We went on a hay ride, fed the goats and got to look at donkeys (mommy, daddy and BABY! aww!), chickens and horses up close and personal. Kiddo was in HEAVEN! He could run and play, there were pumpkins and hay bales everywhere, and the animals were most fascinating! There were even a couple of farm kitties running around, AND they served homemade ice cream to all the kids. The place was well spread - even though there were at least 6 school groups there, we never felt like we were in the crowd. Everyone had their own space. Kiddo got to paint his own little pumpkin; he's such the artist!

So here are some pics! Enjoy. :)

More Later!
D :)

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