Thursday, October 26, 2006

Truth be Told

So last night Hubby was out late helping a friend get his show Jeep ready for some big convention in Las Vegas this weekend. Since I didn't know what time he would be home, I didn't bother cooking dinner (and momma needs a night off every once in a while, right?). I was going to eat cereal, but since I discovered that we may have pantry moths (another blog for another day, but - YUCK!), cereal didn't sound too appetizing. I had my usual salad for lunch, so I didn't want to repeat that and the only quick thing left in my bare cupboard house was cheap frozen pizza. So, that is what I had - man was it good, and when Hubby came home later he made himself one as well.

You know how when you bake cookies or make a cake the whole house becomes infused with the scent and it is so lovely? Well, when you cook cheap frozen pizza, the same thing happens. I don't really mind; it's not that bad. But then today - well, my sweet, sweet neighbor had a play date at her house. I didn't have the energy to shower before we went over (thank you Mother Nature)and I made the mistake of throwing on the jeans I had on yesterday. No biggie -we have all seen each other in the mommy pony tail and with no make up. Anyway, her sweet boy (who is 3) was flirty today and he kept sitting next to me on the chair, showing me his toys, sharing his snacks - you know how they do. Then, out of the blue he looks up at me from his play spot on the floor and loudly says "I Love YOU!!!!" :) I say back, "you love me?". He says....
"Yah! I love you! You smell like PIZZA!"

I was mortified.

Then his mom says something like it was a compliment because pizza is his favorite thing, and I am thinking - ok maybe, but kids are more truthful than that.

Never again will I leave the house unshowered. And I will always wear clean jeans. ;)

Later :),

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL...that really did make me laugh. I love your blog, you are so talented and creative. Your pictures are great too!

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