Saturday, July 07, 2007

ABCD (All of the Above)

The title is the title of the first song Jewel ever wrote. The lyrics are as follows:
It's not A, do I love him
It's not B, do I love to hug him
It's not C, do I care for him
It's just D, all of the above

My Kiddo. He's growing up so fast. His little personality can't keep up with everything else that is growing, and he has been consistently cracking up the Hubby and I every day for the past couple of weeks. I ask myself all the time now, where did he get that ___?? (phrase, gesture, action, etc.)

This age is so fascinating to me. Of course it is frustrating and challenging, but remarkable and enlightening and fun. Remind me of all that when I post on here about how difficult and maddening it is later, ok?

Kiddo has for the most part been an easy child. He has never been one to get into stuff and/or destroy things. I have never had to really worry about him when I take a shower - I know he will play or watch a video or even hang out in the bathroom with me. He is not terribly messy or destructive when he eats. Yesterday was just one of those freak days I guess. I took my shower and when I got out, I walked into the front of the house to check on him. He wasn't in his room, he wasn't in the living room... I found him in my chair up at the computer. He had his step stool on the table, and had attached our new Huey to our new monitor and had clicked on all kinds of buttons on my computer. It took me an hour to get everything back to normal. He knows better than to touch our computer stuff. I have no idea what possessed him this time. Later on, he was eating yogurt in his chair; I wasn't really paying attention and when I looked up I realized he had been using his spoon to fling the yogurt all over the living room carpet. Have you ever tried to clean lemon yogurt out of carpet?? Ick!

For the longest time when frustrated or not happy with us he would shout "stop it!". It irritated Hubby and I to no end, and we have been trying to put the kibosh on that for a while now. Just this week though, he has started retorting our requests or scolding with "NEVER!". I have no idea where he picked that up; no doubt from a movie or something. It's so dramatic though, that along with the irritation it causes, Hubby and I many times have to stifle giggles. The drama is spilling over into other areas as well. If we aren't paying enough attention to him, Kiddo will suddenly cry like he is hurt. When Hubby or I approach him to see what the trouble is, he suddenly flips the switch and in a sweet, sweet voice asks "Come play? Come on Daddy, come play!".

His speech is getting better all the time. Just the other day, we were in the car and I was talking to him about his birthday. We were discussing his age - "2 years old? Nooooo, 3 years old! 5 years old? Nooooo, 3 years old." I asked him how old Mommy is. He said "um, about 10 years old." Sounded good to me!

Of course, we are on the potty training trail; nothing terribly serious, but encouraging whenever he shows interest, so the topic of tee tee and poo poo is always on the table. Hubby was playing with Kiddo in his room the other night and did what Hubbies tend to do - he passed gas. Kiddo approached him, patted him on the hip and asks "Daddy, do you need to go poo poo on the potty?" :D :D

A few nights ago, Hubby was putting Kiddo to bed. We still lay down with him until he falls asleep (I know, I know). Hubby had been lying there for a while, and thinking Kiddo was asleep he began to get up out of the bed. He was pushing himself up ever so gently when he heard this little voice whisper "Daddy.... I see you."

And sometimes I wonder exactly what his little mind is thinking; we were at the sprinkler park yesterday and I was holding a friend's newborn baby. I asked Kiddo if he saw the baby and he says to me "Mommy that's my baby." Um, ok...

So, all in all, I have a feeling 3 years old is going to be exhausting. I think the theory is that if they are easy as babies, they are difficult as toddlers??? I don't know if my sanity take take this on a regular basis. But hopefully I am able to find the humor in it all, and encourage his intelligence in a way that he uses it for good, instead of mischief. Pray for me! ;)

D :)


Barb said...

LOL at asking you hubby if he had to go poo!! Too funny! Good to see that girls don't hold the corner on the drama market!

Hang in there!

karrie said...

What if they're difficult babies AND difficult toddlers?

Say easy teenager. I beg you.

Dawn said...

Oh EASY teenager Karrie. Absolutely. Yeah. Of course. ;)
((hugs)) :D

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