Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Contests

Oh My Goodness, 5 Minutes For Mom is at it again with another contest. Ok, you don't have to go look, I mean really, I don't think you could use one of these little gizmos - but if you must... *sigh* Fine.
They are giving away 10 of these way cool, totally useful NeatReceipts Scanners. I want one, no I NEED one so very badly. Have you seen my kitchen counters??? Have you seen my box of things to file??? Have you seen my office??? Have you seen the piles and piles of paperwork and receipts and things I just can't throw away because, well, what if I need it some day??

I have so many receipts for my business expenses and stuff that I would love to be able to scan and save for tax purposes on my computer.

If you feel you really must lower my chances of winning, er, uh, enter the contest yourself, you better hop on over to 5 Minutes For Mom by July 12th.

I wonder if they make a Neat Junk Scanner - you know, for all that stuff we can't get rid of that isn't paper. Old computers, the tires in the back yard, heck 90% of the stuff in the garage....

D :)

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