Monday, July 16, 2007

Gluvuv Fuzzies

Fairly often in Sunday School Kiddo's class does some sort of craft. He comes home with colored pages and cut outs of hearts and stars; but more often than not lately the teacher has been sending the unmade craft home with an info sheet for all the kids. I don't know if they are just not getting around to the craft or if it actually is meant for parents to do with their little ones in order to drive home a lesson - but regardless we have ended up with more than a fair amount of paper and stuff lying around.

A few weeks ago they did something that resulted in a little glove with different colored "fuzzies" on each finger. (like little puff balls) I think there was a story that went with each color, or a rhyme, I'm not exactly sure. But now the Glove of Fuzzies, as Kiddo calls it, usually takes up space in the toy box. A few days ago it made an appearance and a few minutes later was discarded on my bathroom floor.

Just like the twist tie (that is still in my shower by the way) it has remained there for much longer than necessary - but with everything going on I simply haven't had the energy to bend down and pick it up.

I was in the shower today and Kiddo came in and was playing with various things. After making sure he was not into anything forbidden, I turned my back to him to finish my shower. As I was rinsing the last of the conditioner out of my hair, I hear him singing. It was the sweetest song; short and lovely, with definite words and a strong melody. For those of you who know solfege, it was something like;
Mi Mi Mi, Mi Mi Do
La La La, La La Fa
Sol Sol Sol, Sol Sol Mi
Mi, Re, Do
(yes, I know how geeky it is to still think of melodies in terms of solfege - so sue me!)

I turned off the water and listen to the words:
Where's da gluvuv fuzzies?
Where's da gluvuv fuzzies?
Where's da gluvuv fuzzies?
It's right here!

He was facing the mirror, and during the first three lines of the song he had the glove on his hand behind his back. Then on the last line he would hold it in front of him with fingers splayed.

Can he get any cuter???!? :) :)

D :)


C. L. Fry said...

He-he... I liked the appearance the glove made the other day when he was in time-out (was it time out?)...

Carrie said...

Very sweet! I love to hear my kids sing. I make Patrick sing the Awana Cubbies song to me all the time. He kinda rolls his eyes and sighs loudly when I ask him to, as if it's so crazy that Mommy makes me sing this so much! I have it on tape now :) Hope your week is looking up...

Jen said...

This age is so much fun isnt it?!! Well, except for the tantrums and whining and what not... =)

Barb said...

That is so adorable! I can totally see him doing that...even though I don't really know him! Made up songs are awesome...unless they involve poop like E's do at times! :O)

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