Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is Halloween

Ok, so it is the first day of NaBloPoMo and I am here at 10 minutes till midnight trying to get a post out! I hope this isn't an indication of how the whole month is going to go!

So of course, last night was Halloween - we had a pretty good time. I have such a hard time getting into Halloween with the kids right now. I'm not sure why that is because I have always LOVED Halloween. Any excuse to wear that much makeup...

Anyway, so with the kids it's different. Of course it is still fun, but it is kind of frustrating for Hubby and I to coordinate and still participate in everything. I love seeing all the kids and handing out candy and I of course also want to watch Kiddo as he trick-or-treats; he is adorable! We weren't sure how things were going to go this year with Port so our plans were to not plan anything and see how things unfold.

I didn't get or plan a costume for Port - I wanted to but all the little baby costumes at the store were fluffy and woolly, and while they are cute, in this part of Texas it is pretty likely that the temperatures won't be favorable for wrapping baby head to toe in thick fur. We decided last minute to make him into a sort of punk rock baby - his hair spikes up almost naturally into a cute little mo-hawk! I found a cute little ghost/camo shirt at Wally World and put some of Kiddo's black pants on with that. We spiked his hair with a little bit of hairspray (I didn't have any gel or styling creme - remember that post a while back about tossing out a couple hundred bucks worth of product? yeah) and we were good to go! Cuteness! [sorry about my white thumbnail. I cracked the nail waaaaaaay below the quick and am using waterproof medical tape to hold things together and keep me from snagging stuff]Kiddo was the Amazing Spiderman (the black one). He drew a picture of him in costume.

Those two circles that look like eyes are actually the breathing holes in the mask from his costume. lol!

Here he is, complete costume with custom selected checkered Vans slip-ons (his choice, not mine)

Oh the webbing! So scary!Here is the pumpkin Hubby carved. Cool huh? He used one of those store - bought templates.

Kiddo, who has been wearing his costume almost daily since we got it a couple of weeks ago, was dressed pretty early. We had a hard time keeping him contained until we saw the first trick-or-treaters coming down the street. In our neighborhood, most everyone waits until dark - Kiddo was practically in full on melt down before we let him lose. A group of kids converged on the house next door so we let Kiddo walk up with them. From then on, he kept trying to join their group, even though we didn't know them. They hit our house and then moved to the next door neighbor on the other side, who always decorates their house elaborately. Our three houses are pretty much the only one's on the street that do anything for Halloween (sad because it is an extended culdesac and there are lots of houses) so we discussed which way to head next. I looked down and noticed Port's eyes getting very heavy. I decided to stay behind at our house and hand out candy, and the boys took off down the street. Port was out before they even made it around the corner!

I sat with him at the end of our driveway with the candy bowl and after about 20 minutes decided to bring Port in and put him down somewhere. I got up, walked to the door and realized that my Hubby had locked me out of the house! I had my cell phone, so I tried to call him, but he had left his on the kitchen counter. ugh

Kiddo and Hubby hit every available house on the block and were gone quite a while. It wasn't ideal for me, trapped in my driveway with a very heavy, sweaty sleeping baby, but it was neat because I got to meet several of my neighbors that I have never been introduced to.

One is a couple that live down at the end of the street - they have a little boy just a few months younger than Kiddo. I have said hello to the dad and the baby on several occasions, but never went beyond that. We had a nice chat in the drive. I also got to meet someone I have admired from afar for several years now; a Great Dane by the name of Pebbles! Pebbles and her family live around the corner one street over, and we often drive by their house on our way out of the subdivision. Pebbles is usually out in the front yard with her family and she is hard to miss. She is a very sweet girl. Her family is nice too. ;)

Hubby and Kiddo returned and Port promptly woke up. We got back in the house and passed out candy for a bit longer. Kiddo was obviously tired, but just like last year he desperately wanted to be right in the middle of the social interaction of the groups. He kept begging me to go out in the driveway and he chatted away to everyone who came to the door. How did I manage to get such a social child???

The candy gatherers stopped way too soon for me, there is so much candy left. You would think by now our house would have a good Halloween reputation and we would get more visits - I always give out mostly chocolate and I always tell the kids to take a hand full. Oh well.

Oh - I did manage a last minute sort of costume for me as well. I put on a black blouse and a witch's hat. Kiddo thought that was great. At one point in the night I had taken the hat off and he picked it up and put it on. He said,

"Look Mommy, I am a Manwich."lol!

Of course that's not what he meant - but that's what I immediately thought of.

D :)


Jenn said...

Great Halloween story! And I LOVE the Manwich!

Julia said...

Sounds like you had a great Halloween! Man-witch - hahaha! Kiddo is a terrific artist. I knew it was Spidey right away, even before your description.

Vick said...

Port is adorable and Kiddo is oh-so-scary :)

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