Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early Winter

I am so enjoying the weather here lately. The 100+ temps have vanished and the 80s are back! The mornings have been cooler too - high 60s and low 70s. Ahh, bring on the fall!! The boys have been playing outside, the windows have been open and when Port naps, the back door has been open too. Of course, I don't particularly care for all the flies that like to come in the back door, but I'll put up with them for the breeze blowing through my living and dining room area.

It is less than 100 days until Christmas now...98 I believe. It's not too early to pull out the holiday music, right? I mean 98 days of O' Holy Night is so not overkill. Who doesn't love a rousing version of Go Tell it On the Mountain at any time of year?!?

So yeah, with the cooler weather and the dry breezes and the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice coming from Starbucks, I have the holidays on the brain. And my itch to bake is starting to get annoying.

I am trying to hold off though for a few more weeks - trying to get my system back at a healthy level before bombarding it with pastries and chocolate and loads of sugar...

Oh the sugar!

Did you know sugar is in everything?!? EVERYTHING! Did you know trying to eat sugar free (and without all that nasty artificial sweetener junk) is next to impossible without going a bit nutso in the process?

Now try to take out bread, yeast and all starches too. mmmhmmm. Tough! There isn't much left my friends!

I've been doing ok I guess with the sugar part - I have cut waaaaay down. And I am ok without bread. But when I try to take away pasta and rice - oh NO! That so does not work for me. So I am just trying to cut back on it all, eat healthier and more natural, and overload myself with veggies when I can.

Why am I doing this you ask? Well, in all my busy-ness of late I let myself get really run down and really sick. I was eating alright, but my cravings for sweets and sugar were out of control and I was inhibiting my immune system by feeding the yeast in my body.

We all have yeast in our systems. It's a necessary evil I guess. But sometimes it gets out of control and it can make you really really sick.

Thus my situation. When, about a month ago, I broke out in a bad case of oral thrush, I knew something was very wrong. (cuz uh, I am not pregnant nor nursing and that kind of thing is usually reserved for those situations???) And I realized that I had been experiencing lots of dizziness, headaches, weakness and nausea that were out of the norm for me. (go ahead, plug all that into WebMD - you know you want to) The worst part was the foggy head. I just couldn't concentrate on anything.

Anyway, I had to do something about it, so I am taking some herbal remedies including Oregano Oil and trying to eat more appropriately. I am also putting about a teaspoon of coconut oil in my coffee each morning.

I am finally starting to feel better! The thrush is gone, and the unrelenting allergy symptoms I had been suffering have all but vanished (I was taking benadryll every 4 hours around the clock). I have lost about 5 pound this week alone and my appetite has dwindled significantly. And, my skin cleared up a bit too.

But now I am reading that oregano oil may work for a little while, but that the yeast will adapt and come back. Hmm, we shall see.

I need to knock this stuff out - I've got things to bake!

D ;)


Leslie said...

I agree, this weather is amazing! We've been outside every day - too hard to resist :) I love fall in Texas and the promise of Christmas around the corner. I'm even thinking of taking out all my fall decorations this weekend!!!!

Carrie said...

You can also get the benefits of coconut oil through your skin by using it as a moisturizer. Nothing beats it! It is awesome on your face beore you go to bed and the acid in it clears dead skin cells off the top which (for me anyway) usually clog up my pores and make me break out. I love it :) Hope you continue to feel better! Miss you.....

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