Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am trying to get back in the habit of blogging again so forgive me if the next few posts are rather, uh, boring. I just need to try to get back into doing this on a more regular basis - good, interesting post or not. I really just miss talking to you all.

So today was not entirely great either. After yesterday's all day scream fest, I was hoping today would be a bit more mellow. However, my promising morning quickly turned sour right after my first cup of coffee.

I've been having some trouble with Kiddo lately in matters related to the potty. For one, he has a problem with sitting down to do his business and being in there forever because he easily gets distracted from the task at hand. Add to that a curious 17 month old toddler who is discovering that if he reaches out to try to touch, uh, certain parts that he shares, he get squeals and giggles from his older brother. So of course, potty time is a fun time in my house for the boys, and I find myself either having to supervise the whole event, or wait endlessly for the "business" to get done. This morning, *sigh* the business got done I guess, and the sound of the door closing and the water being turned on didn't strike me as odd.

At first.

See, little Port is also now our Master Door Closer. You've got a door ajar? He's on the case. Left a drawer slightly open? Port is your man. He will close everything you touch as well as do a check on anything else that looks askew. So potty time often ends in a closed door at least once or twice.

When the door closed this morning, I just chalked it up to The Closer doing his duty and the Kiddo was still inside washing his hands.

Sadly, I was mistaken.

After a few minutes of listening as the water ran and then stopped and then ran again and stopped, I decided I better investigate. I certainly didn't like the fact that they were both in there with the door closed.

Now I have to give Kiddo props for at least trying to do something about this, but sadly it was no match for him.

The poopy had won this battle.

Kiddo is not the best wiper in the world yet. (and believe me, I know the possible future therapy this post may cause) He has months where things go well, and then suddenly he loses the ability to take care of himself. So recently we have been trying to once again reteach him proper technique. But I guess today was just to messy (sorry!) and he managed to get it everywhere. He said he got it on his hands so he was washing them, but somewhere in the "clean up" he bombed a towel, the toilet seat cover, the counter, the floor, his jammies and himself.


I didn't handle it well.

Being one of my more, uh, emotional days, I kind of flew off the handle. I managed to get Port out of there unscathed, but the clean up was more than I was mentally ready to handle.

After I scrubbed everything down (Kiddo included) and I was able to settle down a bit, we had a nice long talk and he is now under strict orders to call me when he does his business. We are starting over from scratch.

double ugh

The rest of the day was ok; my shower got scratched from the to-do when Port woke early from his nap. Then Kiddo had an accident when he couldn't get his Spiderman costume off in time to pee.

So our bathroom got a double cleaning today. Come on over!

Tomorrow is Friday, right?

I think we are going to hit up a new farmer's market tomorrow. I hope to score some super cheap fresh veggies, and maybe some sort of vitamin. Mommy needs an immune system boost.

D :)

1 comment:

J. Nalley said...

What Farmer's Market? Sorry about all the poop. It happens. :-)

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