Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Head Over Feet

Well I am sort of starting to come up for air around here. I took a mental health day on Saturday and didn't do any work at all. It got to the point that I was just staring at the computer and zoning out anyway. So after a day of rest I felt much better - but of course was quickly reminded that there really is no time to rest from now until after the holidays!

So back to the grind...

lol! You know I love it!

Anyway, my poor little Port has had a traumatic couple of days. Sunday night I had the boys in the bath. Port loves baths - no matter what he's doing, if I even mention taking a bath he drops everything and makes a bee-line to the bathroom. He dances while the water flows into the tub and he screams if I don't get him undressed and in the water fast enough! So the boys were playing and Port had a cup that he was filling and pouring out over and over again. He would fill it up, hold it up higher than his head and pour it towards himself so the water flowed down his belly. I decided it was time to scrub, so I grabbed a washcloth and started on his face. When I put the washcloth to his face, he instinctively leaned forward into it; unfortunately, he was in mid pour with the cup of water and he put his face into the stream. The washcloth was over his eyes, nose and mouth and when it got soaked with the flowing water, he gasped and sucked water into his mouth and nose, practically drowning himself. It all happened so fast; he instantly started coughing and sputtering and flailing around in the tub - I had to grab hold of him quickly and pull him up because he kept trying to put his head down, which would put him right back into the water.

It scared. him. to death. And me too. I felt so bad for him. And he was done. Done with the bath, done with the water, done, done, done. I had to get him out and dry him off immediately. Poor little guy.

As if that wasn't dramatic enough, yesterday he fell off our back porch onto his head. Ugh. We were enjoying this amazing weather we've had the past few days and playing out in the back yard. Port can climb up onto our deck from the yard, but for some reason he hasn't figured out how to climb down. Never mind the fact that he climbs down from chairs, couches and beds...he just can't get in his head that all he has to do is turn around and back down.

But we had been outside all morning, and it was almost time for lunch and then a nap and so I was picking up things and bringing them into the house. Port had been playing in the dog water bowl and was completely soaked and covered in dirt. I walked into the house to set something on the counter and I guess he decided in that moment to step off the deck. He missed the step and went head first into a concrete step stone at the bottom of the steps. I heard him cry and I ran out there and scooped him up and ran into the house. Because he was such a mess, I took him to the tub and set him in there so I could get a good look at him. His nose was covered in blood. I tried not to freak as I wiped it up and in that discovered that it was only a tiny scratch on the side of his nose that was bleeding profusely. Breathing a sigh of relief, I checked his limbs and then in my soothing I brushed the hair back off his forehead. That was when I saw the gigantic scratch/indention in his head and the golf ball sized goose egg beginning to develop.


So then I freaked out.

He is fine. I made him stay up a little longer than normal and then checked him every 30 minutes as he took his nap. I think he had a headache for the rest of the day, but a little dose of Tylenol seemed to take the edge off. Today the swelling is still there, though not as bad, and it doesn't appear to be bruising, yet. We shall see.
Here he is after I got him calmed down and out of his wet clothes. It's hard to see the goose egg - I had to use a flash. It actually looks a lot worse than that.

I was going to cut his hair this week, but I may hold off on that until his head heals. I wouldn't want a random stranger in the grocery store to call CPS on me! ;-)

D :)

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