Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Far Away

Oh my little bloggy blog, how I miss thee! I am so sorry to have neglected you this way over the past few months. I miss having you to unload on, to brain dump on and to sing high praises on! I miss being able to sit down several times a week and unload the good, the bad and the ugly. I miss my commenters and my visitors, and I miss just typing in general. Strange, no? Yes.

Ok, so with all that our of my system...

Last week was but a blur; head injuries and lots of editing and running around with the kids, and then we packed up the entire house, hitched the trailer to the back of the van and headed out to the outskirts of town. We met up with the Fry clan at a quaint little home on the Blanco River in Wimberly, TX for an extended weekend of R&R.


So I had a whole different kind of post in mind, but this horrid day got away from me so I will leave you with some out-of-the-blue Kiddo speak...

Tonight, as I was cooking dinner:
Kiddo: "I'm gonna have a baby sister and when she is born she is going to have brown hair."
Me: "Oh really? And when is this going to happen?"
Kiddo: "It's gonna happen when Happy dies."
Me: "And when will that be?"
Kiddo: "When he's 61." (FYI, Happy just turned 60 about 3 weeks ago)

We had to have a long talk about Happy living a long long time. He was confused because apparently Happy told him that he was getting older and older and smaller and smaller and I guess in Kiddo's mind, a year is about all he had before he would be too small!

And sometime last week:

Kiddo: "When I am in college, I am going to marry Duchess. She lives in Paris. It is far, far away. It's right past Louisiana. Duchess has dark skin and brown eyes and curly brown hair. And she lives in Paris. But I love her and want to marry her, but she says we have to wait until college. We are going to have a little boy and his name will be Kiddo Jr. And he will have dark skin and dark curly hair just like Duchess. Duchess has a little brother too and his name is Port. And her Dad's name is Tyler (our dog's name). "

For the past week or so we have heard all about Duchess. I am not sure if she is someone he made up (the momma cat in the Aristocats is named Duchess and they live in Paris) or if he actually met a little girl in Sunday school that he likes. It is so cute when he talks about her though - he gets this dreamy eyed look and speaks in a sing-songy voice.

Ahh, young love!

D ;)


Julia said...

How sweet! Kiddo has fantastic imagination for sure. Duchess! :-) Brought a smile to my face.

Victoria said...


Bean keeps verbally killing off the cats so she can have a dog ... I wonder if they just figure something's gotta go before something new comes in at this age?

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