Friday, October 02, 2009

3 AM

Oh good grief I haven't blogged all week!!! Mercy! Well, actually, I started a couple of posts, but never finished them. Perhaps I shall get to that today.

Welcome Company Girls and Beloved Regulars! Today I will be serving hot coffee all day long - if you happened to check out the post at Musing Mommies, you'll know that I have been up since 3:53am, thanks to a cranky baby who decided that was the perfect time to get up. ugh. It is only 1:30 now and I am ready for bed. The baby is napping - I know, I should be too, but I drank too much caffeine to sleep now - though I am in kind of a frantic haze (if that makes any sense whatsoever).

Anywho - things around here, despite the early rising (2 Fridays in a ROW!!!), are actually going great! I am almost completely booked for the holiday season, and this week, a fabulous opportunity to possibly assist in shooting 2 destination weddings dropped in my lap. Can I get a woo-hoo?!? It is not definite yet, but I could possibly be shooting in Fredricksburg and Marathon this month with my fabulous wedding photographer friend Allen. I am stoked! It is such a great opportunity - lots of time in the car to pick his brain -haha! And, I am shooting another wedding with him in a couple of weeks. I am so excited about that too!

I even have a Houston weekend of sessions booked this season as well. Business is AWESOME.

So, I am still working on those adorable twin newborn images and planting my fall garden and chasing after the boys...the house may never look decent again (sorry Hubby). But it is all good, right?

In some sad news, I found out this week that one of my past clients had a tragedy in her family. Her 21 year old son was in a terrible car accident. Even though the doctors said he most likely wouldn't survive, he managed to make it despite a multitude of complications from his injuries for over a month. However, last week he succumbed to a blood clot in his brain. It is such a sad, terrible thing and my heart is just breaking for this family. A friend of the family (and a mutual friend of ours) contacted me regarding the portraits I took of them 3 years ago. I was thankfully able to find their images (thank goodness I saved them!) and make some prints for her to give to the family. Please keep them in your prayers during this trying time.

I hope you all are having a great Fall so far - he holidays are right around the corner! Thanks for stopping by!

D :)


Rachel Anne said...

Wow, 2 destination cool is that!! I'm very happy for your continued bookings and a chance to learn even more from your friend.

I'm waiting for my son to get home from a football game, so I guess my baby is making me lose sleep, but for another reason. Still, why does staying up late seem like more fun than getting up early? I hope you'll get some rest. Caffeine haze is only fun for so long and then...

Victoria said...

Oh my. The newborn twins. Be still my heart ...

Congrats on all the photography gigs - that's awesome. And well deserved!

mholgate said...

Dawn, just came from Musing Mommies. Having coffee a little late this week! So glad to hear your business is booming! :) I'd like to get family photos in the leaves this year. I'm not sure who to ask though. It's been a while since we did family photos. Two years, actually.

Well, have a super week!

Joyce said...

Whoo hoo!!! for your photo jobs! That is fantastic. Sometimes it's good for be busy. Just went to look at your photos, they are fabulous.

secondofwett said...

Congrats on the photo shoots...I love Houston! Hope you're able to get a little more sleep very soon!

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