Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am so unmotivated today. The weather is kind of dreary; thankfully it's not raining, but I sure could use a big shot of vitamin D from the sun. It is no where to be found.

It looks like we most likely won't make it to the big pumpkin patch this year. The weather just isn't cooperating. I do plan on trying out the local YMCA "pumpkin patch" but I have no idea what it looks like or if I will be able to get any good pics of the kids. If all else fails, I'll just plop them down in my own back yard mud pit and place our 6 little pumpkins around them and snap away. Surely I can get something decent from it.
{yes I know; mismatched shoes, pajama top, camo kids will never have fashion sense.}

Baby Port has been so incredibly cute lately. He is a particular little guy - always running behind us to close doors and drawers. If I do manage to get something closed before he swoops in, he will often reopen the drawer or door and close it again himself.

Just to make sure it's done right I guess.

The other day he was trying to get something out of the pantry and another item fell off the shelf. He actually stopped what he was doing and picked up the dropped item and returned it to the correct shelf. He also threw away his trash the other day all on his own. I didn't even know he knew what the trash can was for!

He has realized that when I put him in his high chair for lunch, nap time is sure to follow. So now he won't sit for lunch at all. He pretty much won't eat anything during the day unless it is in a ziploc bag. And his favorite thing is to take food outside. I have had to wash dirt off of so much food lately...ick. Today he stuck a drooled on hand in the sand box and then proceeded to eat some cheerios he had in a bag outside with him. He winced and shuddered at every sandy, crunchy bite, but just kept on eating. I wiped down his hands, but not before he ate a significant amount of sand.
{That would be a banana and some cheese there on the deck}

He loves the cat and does anything he possibly can to be around her. And when she is meowing and ripping up my window screens, it delights him to no end.
{Can you see his smile in the window reflection?}

For a couple of months now I have been getting increasingly worried about his lack of speech. After speaking about it to a friend, I decided I would watch it for another month or two and then if he didn't start talking more I would make an appointment with his pediatrician. Last week he wanted to go outside. As with anything he wants, instead of saying any actual words, he will shriek to get me to do stuff. He wants in the refrigerator; shriek!! He wants in the pantry; shriek!! You get the idea. I have been trying to teach him the sign for "open" so he can at least communicate with us a little more civilly.

So he was standing at the back door shrieking and I was signing "open. open. open." and saying it each time. He got excited and started bouncing and smiling, but still shrieking. After doing this over and over, I could tell he was getting impatient. Suddenly, he took 2 steps toward me and said, "OUT SIDE!"

Someone has been holding out on me...

Since then he has been speaking a lot more. It's still pretty garbled and random. But if something sounds even remotely close to something I recognize, I praise him and repeat the word louder and clearer. Hopefully it will encourage him to speak more.

Now, if we could only get the older one to speak less. heh

Speaking of, Kiddo showed me the cutest drawing the other day. I just had to share it.
They are pirate crabs. They are dressed for Halloween. lol!

Today Kiddo was walking around the house, singing a song...
"I love Uncle Wes,
I love Uncle Wes,
I looooove Uncle Wes

Uncle Wes is my name,
Uncle Wes is my name,
Uncle Weeeeeeeeesssss!"

Out of the mouths of babes...

D :)


Julia said...

Love the pirate crabs, and what a cute pic of Port looking at the cat. So cool that you caught his reflection. I'll lend you my Potato Head pumpkins if you need extras for your pictures. :-)

jhjohnstone said...

Wow! That's great that Port suddenly belted out some words. I bet you were shocked! LOL What a cutie. And that picture that Kiddo drew is amazing! I think you have a budding artist!

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