Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thump Thump

Today has turned into one of those absolutely fabulous days. It's the kind that the temperature is just cold enough that it makes me want to sit directly in the sun. And when I do, I soak up all that good warmth and I am not bothered by the heat. Because just when I think the heat of the sun is too much, the cool wind blows and cools me down again.

And I continue the relaxing dance; warm up, cool down, warm up, cool down. I turn my face to the sun and close my eyes, imagining my happy place. For me it is always the beach. I hear the waves crash against the shore, I hear the wind and the birds, and I see the world in that blue water and sky hazed over by the orange and white light from burnt out retinas. I miss the days of soaking up the sun; not a care in the world.

My imagination vacation is interrupted by squeals and cries of "Mommy watch this!". I open my eyes to see my boys playing in the yard, enjoying the beautiful day despite the mud and nastiness still on the ground from the morning rains. The potted plants on the deck are water logged, the grass in the open part of the yard is too high and the fire ants are on track to take over the world. But for a brief moment, the stress and the emotional discord and the discipline problems all melt away as I watch my babies.

They are my sun and my cool breezes. They are my blue skies and crashing waves. They are the warmth that radiates over my skin and fills my heart.

If only there could be days like this all year long. If only, I could always remember this feeling.

D :)

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