Friday, October 09, 2009

Chilly Down

Greetings Company Girls and Beloved Regulars!

Thankfully today did not start as early as the last 2 Friday mornings, but after a week of pretty consistent 7:15 wake ups, this morning's 6:15 was kind of a shock. I believe I have a lightning/thunder storm to blame; a couple of the cracks of thunder were loud enough to shake the house.

So *yawn* forgive me if I am dragging a little.

How was your week? Mine was alright. I have been a bit on the emotional side of things this week, what with the hormone surge and whatnot. And the Kiddo and I have been duke-ing it out on a daily basis, so my brain and my sanity are about gone.

I am so looking forward to the weekend though - I have a holiday family session to shoot in the morning and a wedding tomorrow evening. It should be absolutely gorgeous, fall like weather and I am stoked to be out in it all day!

After this morning's rain it has been cold, cold all day here, so I am fighting the urge to bake and cook. Haha! Well, I guess I am not fighting it too hard - I have red beans cooking in the crock pot and fresh pumpkin roasting in the oven to make a pumpkin puree. I am dreaming and drooling over all the pumpkin goodies I will be able to make. mmmmmmm! I have to say it is so very nice though to be able to run the oven for a few hours and still keep the house cool by just cracking a couple of windows. YAY!

Well the baby started off the day by falling into the coffee table and busting either his upper lip or gums (he won't let me get in there to look) so I have his and my bloody jammies to deal with. He is totally fine - only cried for a minute at most; but he looked pretty funny until the swelling went down. And since I have a load of cloth diapers in the wash I better get them finished up so I can get the jammies in there before the stain sets.

Ah the joys of motherhood!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by.

D :)


Joyce said...

Oh boy...tell me about it...

With the baby, it's hard to always been there for Melody, and poor girl has had to deal with a "mean" mommy, which in real life is really quiet.

And I know what you mean about staying home. I could just stay here and be fine. The cold weather will be my excuse soon enough. =)

Hope the little guy is okay.

Faerie Mom said...

I only wish it would cool down here. The weather here is as hot as ever and I am getting sick of it! LOL

mholgate said...

It's definitely cooler here now. We've got a freeze warning in effect. I feel bad for all the people out there with fall gardens.

My week was pretty good too. Aside from a little drama on Tuesday. But good things will hopefully come out of that drama.

We're going to visit friends today so I guess I better make sure my happy five are getting ready to go. :)

Thanks for the coffee!

One More Equals Four said...

Hope you have a great weekend, it is finally cooler here, more like fall and I am loving it...gonna have soup and sandwiches for supper tonight in honor of the colder temps!

JadeLD said...

Just catching up with the coffee a bit late! Sounds like you had a busy weekend - hope you had a great time. The fall weather can be great - I love the colour of all the leaves at the moment.

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