Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sweet Thing

When I was growing up we had a number of pets; cats, dogs, birds, rabbits... One of the dogs we had was a little terrier mix we named TJ.

One of the things TJ loved was my dad's coffee.

I know it sounds funny, but he did! Every day my dad would take a cup of coffee in the car with him on the way to work. He would drink all but the last swallow and leave the cup in the car while he worked. When he came home in the evenings, TJ would bolt to the door and sit up for his coffee. My dad would hold down his cup and let him lick the left over coffee from the bottom.

The dog looked forward to this every day. If by some chance my dad forgot to leave some in the cup, or didn't have coffee that morning, TJ would sulk for a little while.

So here I am, 20+ years later, and I have my own little guy that likes to finish the last drops of my coffee in the morning. He will stand in front of me and paw at the desk trying to grab my coffee cup. When I oblige his request, he will stick his tongue in my cup and try to lick as much of the coffee out of it as he can. And he is every bit, if not more cute than TJ ever was.
Sometimes I let him take my cup completely. I just can't resist him.

D :)


Julia said...

Oh gosh! Look at his adorable rolls and that way happy grin. Must be the caffeine. I so want to just reach up to the picture and give him a good squeeze. I wished that my kids had rolls.

J. Nalley said...

Oh, that was my JC, but Daddy has told her that it will stunt her growth so she says she doesn't drink coffee anymore. :-) My sweet ittle thing needs all the growth help she can get! haha

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